John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model M Wheels, Steering, Front axle


M rear rim #1, 8 x 24 (8 inches wide measured inside the rim), sound condition, no rust through, mostly light surface rust on the inside with slight amount of pitting, all of the mounting holes are good, $325, can ship UPS

M3801T Special rim bolt, $5each - limited amount available
M374T Nut lock. $2 each
M375T, Special rim nut, $2 each

Special Nut to hold steering wheel on shaft, $10

AMM438T steering tube, $30

M589T steering shaft, $25

M589T steering shaft, $30

AM 439T Steering lock knob, with snap ring, washers, $40

AM 439T Steering lock knob, with snap ring, washers, $35

M steering box #1, very good condition, $295

Center steering arm, $40

L4617T steering arm, $15

M433T steering arm, $20

Pin for steering arm, $10

M287T pedestal #1, no breaks or repairs, very good condition, $175


M287T pedestal, with repair as shown, fully functional and came from a running tractor, $60

M1611T pedestal, rear pivot bracket has a previously well done repair, $60


AM387T Earlier style, 15 1/2" long overall, 1 3/8" diameter spindle, $30 each


AM1463T spindle, $45, two available

M1252T steering arm with a well done repair, $25


M843T upper spindle, $60
Thrust bearing and washer, $15

M843T upper spindle with M1171T fork and M1180T clamps, $100

M849T steering gear support, for MT and earlier 40T, $35

Another M849T MT steering gear support, for MT and earlier 40T, $30

M1603T front end support for earlier MT, $70 (80 lb)


Steering wheel, your choice, free with any parts order


Front wheel hub for later M, also MT and MI, includes good used bearings, $30 each

Hub cap, $12.50

Rear wheel hub for MT, 40T, 420T,W, 430T,W, $25

L607T wheel #2 with wethercvhecked 5.00-15 tire, $75

L607T wheels, with no breaks or repairs, 6 available, some are shown, $65 each

L607T wheel, similar to above, with good outside outside and some repair on the inner rim, which will not show once it is cleaned up and painted: $40 and can ship UPS.
I also have other good useable front wheels that either have welded repairs or small chunks broken out-these are $15-$40 each
-email for more info.

L608T Cast iron Hubcap, no breaks or repairs, similar to above, 3 available, $80 each, Top quality original, not a made in Turkey poor quality reproduction


Correct original bolts to attach hubcaps, $.75 each

Nice 4.00-15 tire and tube, $25

4.00-15 tire, usable with some weatherchecking, free with any order

Wheel weights to fit the 34 Inch wheel used on MT, 40T, 420T,W, & V, 430T,W, & V, by Wilson-Nutwell, Fresno, CA, $120/ pair (210 pounds each)

M343T rear rear weights, $90 per weight, two available, can be shipped UPS

TIRES: Please note that shipping costs on tires is high and rarely makes economic sense. Best if you can pick them up here in Woodland, CA


7.50-10, truck tread, $25


BF Goodrich 10(11.2)-24, will hold air, but has a lot of sidewall cracking, includes tube. Free if you pick it up here


Firestone 10-24 (11.2-24), sound condition, 20% on bars, $25


Phillips 66 12.4-24 in very good condition, $60

Coop 11 (12.4)-24 Usable but some cracking and weatherchecking, free only for pick up here