John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model M Hydraulic and Implements


AM691T RH implement attaching bracket, $10 each (sorry, no left hand)

M1397T and M1398T implement attaching brackets, $25/pair


M1397T and M1398T implement attaching brackers with connector, $25 each your choice


Nice pump #3 with M1034T cover, not scored inside, o-rings and oil seal (still available from Deere) may need to be replaced, $100

Hydraulic pump coupler to camshaft gear, $20

M1500T lift arm, $20 each

M1500T Individual lift arm with lifting link, $22.50 each

M556T Individual lift arm, $15 each

M556T Individual lift arm with lifting link, $20 each

M557T washer, with lock washer and cap bolt to hold arm onto rockshaft, $5

Oil filler cap for hydraulic system, no dents, $16


Oil filler cap for hydraulic system, slight dent, one included free with any parts order

Linkage, $10

M554T, connecting rod, $10

AM485T crank arm, $10

M551T rockshaft, $10

Hydraulic piston for all M or MT, $20


Valve control #1 with M289T casting number, everything moves freely as it should, $85


Clamping set for hydraulic pipes, $9

Clamp set, $15

Hydraulic lines for M below serial # 32884


AM784T, $25
AM785T, $25

AM782T, $35

AM783T, $30

M568T and M566T hydraulic pipes with fittings and clips, $10 each


Hydraulic lines for M above serial # 32884; also MT and some MI

M1205T: $25

AM1450T: $25

AM1208T oil line: $25

M1153T: $25

AM1448T oil line, $35

AM1122T: $25

AM1449T, $25, has a brazed repair at the bottom 90 degree bend

Smal and large clamps for lines inside dash, $4 each

AM1123T $25 each
M1160T not available

Not sure, but I think this is the return hydraulic line for an MT?, $20

Shortened low pressure pipe with fitting for hydraulic hose, $5

AM429T elbow, $8

AM1151T, $8 (Steel)(May not be an original)

AM1151T (brass), $8

AM1087T, $8

M1370T, $8

M1350T Union, $8

AM1121T coupling, $10

MT rockshaft housing #2 with all internal parts in good condition, case has been repaired, $25 (60 lb)

M1069T and M1071T lift arms for MT, $20 each (M1070T is not available)

AM1077T, hollow rockshaft, $10