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John Deere Model M Engine Parts

M29T connecting rod, good condition, $25

M450T Good crankshaft, measures 2.396 main journals and 2.244 rod journals, crankshaft gear is pitted and you will need to replace it with yours (it presses right off) $35 (45 lb)

Crankshaft pulley, $25, your choice

Valve cover studs (one has the special cut on the threaded area, very nice condition, $20/pair

AM753T External oil tube, $10; Straight fitting, $5, 90 degree fitting, $6

Rocker arm assembly, $70

End caps, $6 each

Individual parts also available (rocker arms,$12.50 each, internal spring: not avqailable, posts $7)

Camshaft gear, $50

M13T, Thrust plate, $7.50

Camshaft, $25

Cam followers, $6 ach, set of 4: $20

Used muffler in good condition, $20


Manifold #1, excelllent condition, $90


Manifold #2, very good condition, $80


Manifold #3, very good condition, $75


Manifold from a running engine, but the mounting holes are broken off the flange, otherwise good, $30


AM2835T (M1195T) Orchard exhaust pipe attachment, $125 - this piece allows an under the hood exhaust

Rain cap, $5, your choice

Internal governor assembly, very good condition, $90

Internal governor assembly-gear is pitted, $25

M50T Governor housing, $20

L4197T Spring used on both governor housing and throttle linkage, $7

Carburetor to governor rod, $15

throttle rod with ring and yoke, $8

C1438R Spring on long throttle rod, $12

C1438R spring on long throttle rod, new, $7

Repaired H281R throttle lever, $5

Throttle linkage, $25

Oil dipstick, $10

Screen for oil pump, $25

AM284T oil pressure gauge, decent, $25

Oil filter base and housing, has top plate, but no bottom plate, $25

Oil filter base, $10

Oil pan, $10

Crankshaft pulley, $20


Front engine cover, MT, MC,MI, late M, $20

Nice Oil filler/Breather cap similar to above, may have some small dents, $12.50

Valve cover for either M or 40, $20

Flywheel guard, $25

M flywheel with ring gear, 90 pounds, can ship UPS, $60

JD8511T ball bearing and M1511T grease retainer (in flywheel and for propeller shaft), $15

AM1597T pilot bearing, used, $10

New in box AM1597T pilot bearing with retainer, $25

Good ring gear, $40

Pressure plate, $45


Used and usable clutch disk, $22.50, your choice

John Deere temjp gauge, glass is cloudy, as-is, $10

Upper water pipe, $20

Lower water pipe #3, fair condition, $13

Lower water pipe #4, fair condition, $13

Tempeature gauge with "John Deere" on face, not tested, but free with any parts order

Two views of a super nice radiator #4, no leaks, came from a running tractor filled with antifreeze, $250


M Radiator #3, tested with no leaks. It has had some repairs, and will need to be flushed. $135


Two views of M radiator #2, no leaks, was from a tractor filled with antifreeze, $225


Two views of M radiator #5, no leaks, it came from a running tractor and was filled with anti-freeze. It does need some exterior cleaning and the front of the top tank is slighly dented, $160


Two views of M radiator #6, no leaks, it came from a running tractor and was filled with anti-freeze. It is not the prettiest, but will do the job, $150

Lower radiator brackets (may need new rubber cushion, $5 each

On left, M856T Lower right mounting radiator bracket for MT, $5
On right, M857T Lower left mounting radiator bracket for MT, $5

Very good fan assembies, $60 each, your choice (Fits M above SN 27364, not certain but may also fit M below that serial nuymber)

New generator belt, $9
New fan belt, not available

Fan support bracket, $5