John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model M Engine Parts






Nice M64T block, complete with all internal components, bores are nice and smooth with .020 over pistons. No cracks or repairs noted by visual inspection. This block held water without leaking either into the oil or outside the water jacket. 330 pounds and can be shipped truck freight, $600



- -

M64T Block. The blcok went to my local machine shop where it was magnafluxed and checked out good with no cracks or repairs. It has a standard 4 inch bore with good bores. It includes the main bearing caps and bolts. Ready for your paint and to go to work. $425. It is too heavy to crate it for UPS, but it can be picked up here or I can arrange truck freight.



Four views of a repaired M64T block #1. It has a well done repair on a freeze crack as shown above. It is standard bore with nice smooth bores. Because of the repair it has a special price of $75 and is sold as is.


Used head gasket, simiar to above, $10

AM240T Head gasket, used but like new, $15

M285T head bolt with washer, $2 each

Nice matched pair of M34T standard pistons, $100 for the pair

M29T connecting rod, good condition, $25


Crankshaft pulley, $30, your choice


M450T Good crankshaft #2 in very good condition, includes crankshaft gear, includes good used main bearings, $60 (45 lb)

M450T Good crankshaft, no crankshaft gear, includes good used main bearings, $40 (45 lb)

M26T Main bearing cap, $8

19H1890A bolt for main bearing cap, $4



Front and rear views of very nice M408T manifold #1, $95


Front and rear views of very nice M408T manifold #2, $80

Valve cover studs (one has the special cut on the threaded area, very nice condition, $12/pair

AM753T External oil tube, $8; Straight fitting, $5, 90 degree fitting, $5

Rocker arm assembly, $80

AM274T End caps, $8 each

M76T Spring inside rocker arm shaft, $45

M72T rocker arm shaft, $8

M81T Spring, $5

AM272T or AM273T Rocker arm with adjusting screw, $10 each

AM271T Rocker arm bracket, $10 each

M49T Camshaft gear, $30

M13T, Thrust plate, $7.50

Camshaft, very good condition, $55

M30T pushrod, $15 each, three available

Cam followers, $6 each, set of 4: $20

1 3/4 Rain cap, $9

Internal governor assembly, most teeth are good, but some are slightly pitted, includes AL2691T Thrust bearing and L4177T Thrust washer, $30


Internal governor assembly, very good condition, with M273T and M275T weights, $45

AL2691T Thrust bearing, $10

L4177T Thrust washer, $10

M50T Governor housing, $20

L4197T Spring used on both governor housing and throttle linkage, $11

Carburetor to governor rod, $15

throttle rod with ring and yoke, $8

C1438R Spring on long throttle rod, $7

C1438R spring on long throttle rod, new, $7

Throttle linkage, $25

AM284T oil pressure gauge, nice and original, $40

AM284T original oil pressure gauge, $30

Oil dipstick, $10

Oil pump screen, great condition, $20



OIl pump with M38T pump body, pumps well, $60, your choice

L4121T set screw with M463T cap, $13

Oil filter base and housing, has top plate, but no bottom plate, $20

Oil pan, $10

Rear engine seal housing, $10

AM902T Front engine cover, $20

Front engine crankshaft seal cover plate, $9


AM669T Dented breather caps, usable, similar to above, $8 each

Valve cover for either M or 40, $20

Flywheel guard, $20

Timing hole cover, $5

M flywheel with ring gear, 90 pounds, can ship UPS, $60

JD8511T ball bearing and M1511T grease retainer (in flywheel and for propeller shaft), $15

AM1597T Clutch pilot bushing with retainer, $15

AM1597T pilot bearing, used, $10

Good ring gear, $40

Pressure plate, $45


Used and usable clutch disk, $22.50, your choice

Upper water pipe, $20

Lower water pipe #3, fair condition, $13

Lower water pipe #4, fair condition, $13

Very good AM293T fan assembly for M under serial number 27863, $75

- - -

Very good fan assemblies, AM839T, $60 each, your choice (Fits M above SN 27364, MT, MI, MC)

Fan support bracket, $5