John and Kathy Boehm
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L and LA Front Ends and Parts
L and LA Steering Parts

Steering Boxes, Steering Wheels, and Steering Parts

Nut and washer for to hold steering arm to shaft, $5

Special closed nut to hold steering wheel on steering shaft, $10


Acorn nut to hold steering wheel on steering shaft, $5

Good steering posts, $35

Individual Front End Parts

AL2397T 15 1/2" long overall, 1 3/8" diameter spindle, $30

L4624T Pin for steering arm (Later style serial 9573 and up), $12

L183T steering arm, has been straightened, $15

Right hand steering arm for 1 1/8" spindle, $15

Right hand steering arm, fits 1 3/8" spindle, bolt not included, $15

AM387T spindles for later LA front ends 1 3/8 diameter, $45 each, two available

Tie rod for adjustable wide front,

Tie rod for fixed front, $20


Tie rod for adjustable front, $30

Bearings ($6) and race ($4) for front pivot (Bearing is also the same as outer front wheel bearing), Tabbed washer for front wheel, $4

Complete set of bolts, nuts, shims, and retaining plates for front pivot. $20

AL657T 1 1/8 spindle bushing , good condition, $15, one only available

Spindle dust seals, $6 each

NOS with original box AL2079T Drag link dust shield, $20

AL2079T Dust shield for drag link, $10

Drag link inner parts, $16

Half of a drag link with all internal parts and a good end, $10

Straight drag link for adjustable front with good ends and all internal parts, $36

Straight drag link for adjustable front with good ends and almost all internal parts, $24


AL368T Steering arm for fixed front end, not available at this time

- -
L4796T Steering arm for adjustable front, has been repaired, similar to above, $10

L4796T Steering arm for adjustable front, no breaks or repairs, very nice, $30

Complete Fixed Front End Asemblies

Fixed front #6, from a Hercules L with the shorter spindles, both steering arms welded to spindles, knee bushing fair (some free play)- $70, can ship UPS

Complete Adjustable Front End Assemblies

Front and rear views of a nice adjustable wide front assembly.The center rube has some welded repair ad the steering arm also has a s welded repair. Spindles are the earlier 1 1/8 style. $175, can ship UPS