John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Model H

John Deere Model H Wheels, Pedestal, and Steering Parts


9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

1/2-20 lug nuts for front wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50


JD1251R wheel center, excellent condition, $80

Set of two D2628R JOhn Deere genuine original weights, $190/pair (140 pounds each), can ship UPS

Two views of an H190R pedestal, $50, can ship UPS

Another H 190R pedestal, $50

AH1072R Steering spindle, $40, note that one dust shield is partially gone


AH578R Steering shaft and worm, $50

H200R Steering sector gear (used on 47795 and below), $60

H1026R Steering sector gear (used on 47796 and up), some pitting, $30, as-is

B3310R washer and F2664R nut, $4

H273R steering pedestal cover, $12

H269R steering bearing housing, $10

JD7364R Bearing for steering worm gear, $10

Steering wheel, free with any order

H277R top of steering pedestal, $8

Hub cap, H204R, $12

Hub for front wheel, later style, with bearings, $20. Hub cap, $12

H194R front wheel spindle nut, $12

Good uncut H axles, $60 each (42 lb each)

Stud, nut, and lock plate for attaching front end to frame, $2 each

Rear wheel hub, H220R, $30 (25 lb)

Hub clamp, H221R, $15