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Parts for John Deere Model H


John Deere Model H Clutch, Transmission, Rear axle and Drive train Parts

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H344R clutch adjusting disk, will needs cleaning and polishing, $10

AH800R Clutch driving disk, may need new lining, $10

Complete clutch, excellent condition, $95, individual parts available--email with your needs

H334R pulley bushing, $5

H339R operating bolt, $8 each

Adjusting nut on operating bolt, $4

B145R clutch dog, $20 each

Clutch pin, $4 each
Clutch toggle, $4 each

H358R Shaft lever, $8

H354R Shaft, $10

B169R Snap ring, $4
24H233R Washer, $1
5/8" Nut, $1

79R Spring for clutch shaft, $4

Clutch lever bolt and nut, $10

Clutch rod with yoke, $10

Bearing and Pulley brake, $15


Fork, $20

Clutch lever, $15

Dust shield, $20

First reduction gear cover, $25

H165R First reduction gear, $20

C1438R spring on throttle rod, new, $7

Shift quadrant, $12, similar to above

Metal knob for shift lever, $8


H610R early style pto lever, $15

Pto lever, $10

H612R Crank with spring, $7

AH1207R (H589R) PTO pinion gear, 12T, $20

JD7689R bearing, $10

PTO Assembly for H, no flipper guard, $85

Need an 1 1/8 ptio end with universal to fit your 1 1/8" shaft? $10

H599R rear cover, no breaks or repairs, $60

H705R Shaft bearing, $12

H703R shift fork, $15

H704R shift fork, $25

Shifter fork shaft, $10

H708R Power shaft shifter fork, $10

H148R countershaft, $18
JD79125R bearing, $10
Spacer, $1
Washer $1

AH877R, 16 spline sliding gear shaft, $25

10 spline sliding gear shaft, $30

H786R Pinion low and reverse, $40

AH1201R reverse gear with bushings, $25

AH1196R pto gear and H789R collar, $45

First reduction gear, $25

H differential assembly with H957R and H958R casting numbers, complete and good condition, $45 (62 lb)

H785R cover for sliding gear trans. shaft, $6

H784R cover for sliding gear trans. shaft, $20



Complete rear axle assembly, $125 (can ship UPS, 120 lb.), both right and left sides are available

Rear axle housing, either side H418r or H419R, $35

Good uncut H axles, $60 each, 42 lb each

JD8102R or JD 7395R bearing, $15 each
H445R OIl seal retainer, $3
H425R bearing cover, $2
H424R dust excluder, $12
Steel shim, $1

H435R brake latch, $25 each

Brake shoe, $10
Brake spring, $4
Adjusting pin, $20
Cam, $6

A134R adjusting pin, $20 each

Brake adjuster, $14

Brake drum, $20

Brake pedal, $12 each, either side

H front frame, very good condition, $40 (can ship UPS, 108 lb)

Main case with tag 29619, $45, will to separate