John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Model H

John Deere H Sheet metal, Radiator, Drawbar, Air Cleaner, and Other External Parts

AH639R Medallion, excellent condition, $45

AH639R Medallion, some pitting, no rust through, $27

AH645R Hand start end cap, $35


AH1069R hood, no cuts, one bottom edge needs straightening (see photo), one spot is rusted through (see photo), $150


AH648R (Right hand) and AH649R (Left hand) grilles, usable, but both need some work, $80 each or $140 for the pair

Dent free gas cap, either plain or with "Buy clean fuel, keep it clean" $9


AH638R H fuel and gas tanks #1, good with no rust through, but there is some surface rust inside to clean, $100

AH638R H fuel and gas tanks #3, good except for the hole in one side that needs repair, $20

Good three way fuel valve, nice original, may need a new packing gasket, $45

H796R control rod, $15

AH644R, Gas line, gasoline tank to fuel valve, $15

Hood Support, $10

AH642R Tank Strap, $15


Kant-Lose gas caps from an H, $15

Very nice and complete air cleaner, $75

Oil cup for air cleaner, $30

Very nice air cleaner body, $45

Complete air cleaner, but will need some work, not dented, but i have not tried to separate, as-is, $25

Drawbar front bracket, $25

Drawbar support, some added reinforcement, $20

Platform #4, $20

Platform extension piece, $5

H369R Seat Support, $20, your choice

AD1606R Nice original 9 hole seat #1, $50

3 hole seat #3, needs some center repair, $25

Seat channel, $25

Bolt and nut, $5
Spring holders, $5 each
A618R Seat spring, $30

Fan support, $10

H905R pipe, $10, may need a new steel pipe

H905R Upper water pipe, good casting, will need a new steel pipe, $10

Radiator trash screen, H496R, original, $15

Good radiator core, $40, youtr choice

H907R Inlet elbow, $15, your choice


H166R #4 top tank, good condition, but each has some broken studs to remove, $45

H166R, top tank, good condition, but will need a new filler flange, $30

Radiator side, H168R, $12.50 each

AH740R Shutter, very good condition, opens and shuts as it should, no deep rust, $160


Shroud, H173R, very good condition, $30

Center plate, $15

Radiator tank strap, $4 each

H front frame, very good condition, $40 (can ship UPS, 108 lb)