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Parts for John Deere Model H

John Deere Model H Engine and Hydraulic Parts



H107R Block, Standard Bore, Usably smooth bores, Magnaflus by my local machinist test good with no cracks or repairs, one bottom mounting bolt was broken off and will need to be removed, $400

H117R valve spring, $4 each (compare to Deere price of 39.96)
H118R Cap, $2 each
B367R Valve stem lock, $2 each


H740R #1 Camshaft, good splines and good bearing surfaces, $75



H740R #2 Camshaft, good splines and good bearing surfaces, $65

H707R cam bearing housing, with JD7169R bearing, $20

H742R Camshaft bearing cover, $5

H243R cam bearing housing with AA6619R bearing, $20

= -

H242R cam gear, $45, your choice

1/2 x 1 7/8" cap screw and washers for end of camshaft, $8

H253R Cover, $9

H265R Bearing, $8 each
H266R gasket, $2 each

H258R shaft., $7.50
H259R, H260R, H261R Rocker arm, $15 each
H265R Bearing, $8 each
H266R gasket, $2 each
H262R spring, $5 each

Complete rocker assembly, $75

Cam followers, $5 each, Shaft $5, Spring $5

H Push rod, ten available, $16 each or four for $56


H136R manifold #1, good condition. No breaks or repairs, $80

H136R manifold #4, good condition. Note three broken bolt holes, should not affect performance, $15

H125R Muffler elbow, add your own muffler, $10

H1059R Exhaust pipe, aftermarket, $15


H109R Oil lead stud, $10

H212R Standard pistons, $30 each

Standard H piston with oversize piston pin, $20

Pair of very nice H212R standard bore pistons, set #1, $70/pair

Pair of very nice H212R standard bore pistons, set #2, $70/pair

H800R connecting rod, very good condition, $75 each, four available
H800R connecting rod with small voids in babbitt, usable, $25 each; two available

- -



H225R crankshaft (very good beraring surfaces, splines, and gear teeth) with matching H234R and H231R bearing housings with good bearings, $225

H231R housing with good insert bearing, $40

H234R with good bearing, $40
Also available: H234R housing with no bearing $10

H236R Thrust washer, $20

H229R Flywheel spacer, $7

H238R cover, $5

H227R Hand start flywheel, complete with mounting bolts, no breaks or repairs, very good splines, $80

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60

AH946R (H913R) Electric start flywheel, good splines, good ring gear, $70

AH946R (H913R) Electric start flywheel, good splines, good ring gear, $70, similar to above

Crankcase cover, $10

H502R Early style Valve cover, $25

Breather cover for the H502R cover, pipe is brazed to cover, $10

H912R Late style Valve cover, $25

AH937R breather cover, $40

AH937R breather cover #2, $35

AB233R, Breather core, $12, your choice

Oil pump with screen, tested, good condition, $75

H289R oil filter head, $30

AH786R filter outlet, $25

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

AH597R, Oil pipe, filter discharge. $15

H296R elbow with AH598R oil pipe, $15

H743R Oil lead pipe, with 15H73R Coupling and E1994R connector, $25


H109R Oil lead stud, $10

AH596R, Oil pipe (inside) to oil gauge, $15

AH592R, OIl pipe to tappets, $15

AH594R Oil pipe to RH main bearing, $15

AH595R Oil pipe to LH main bearing, $15

AH593R Oil pipe to governor, $15

AH591R Oil pipe to tappets, front, $15

Oil level check plug, $12.50

Oil filter bottom, $20

A different style Oil line to Oil pressure gauge, $10

H509R Ventilator Pipe, $25


H139R elbow at carburetor, $15

H412R Fanshaft Housing (governor end), $12

AH1119R fanshaft, $35

AH620R fanshaft, your choice, $35

H407R Fanshaft tube, $25

Fanshaft tube with both ends, $30

AH1116R Fan, $25

D399R fan friction washer, $5

B2123R fan disk, $24

B295R spring (left) and H1039R spring (right), $7 each

B298R retainer and 24H847R washer, $10

JD7655R Bearing cup, JD7657R bearing, and JD7656R Bearing cone, $40/set

B2121R retainer and washer, $10

B2122R keeper $7
D1720R retainer lock, $5 each half

B2124R pulley, good splines, no breaks or repairs, $45

Fan support, $10


H governor assembly with AH864R shaft, H389R Drie gear, and AH701R Bevel gear, Bevel gear is chipped (see last photo), sold as is, $35

- -

H governor assembly with AH864R shaft, H389R Drie gear, and AH701R Bevel gear, Splines are worn as shown and one small ship in the bevel gear (see last photo), sold as is, $75

H386R Governor housing, $15, your choice

Governor bearing, $6

H284R Foot feed pedal, $16

H415R, Filler cap on governor, $10

H402 arm, $5

B273R spring, $10

H400R Lever shaft and H401R Lever, $5

H281R Throttle lever, no breaks or repairs, original, $25

H279R Shaft for throttle lever, $5

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

H280R bracket, $5

H282R Speed control rod, $25

H283R Throttle rod, $25

Spring for throttle lever control, $6

Hydraulic parts:


Two views of an original H hydraulic cylinder (H879R Cap, H865R Cylinder), Moves freely but not tested, $120

Original H hydraulic cylinder (H879R Cap, H865R Cylinder), May be good for parts as cap is broken, as-is, $35



Complete power lift assembly with H520R Housing and pump. This unit came from a non running tractor and has not been tested, but the lever does n=move freely up and down. It looks like a rebuildable unit, but is sold as-is and priced accordingly at $150.

AH1102R; H827R Housing with pin, $20

H850R cap valve, $12

H847R Packing gland, $4

H1028R screw, $7

AH922R cover, $7