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Clutch, Transmission, Rear Axle, Brake, PTO, and Hydraulic Parts for John Deere G tractors


Clutch Parts


AF820R (F798R) Clutch driving disk, Very good splines and faces, $120


AF820R (F798R) Clutch driving disk #2, matches to crankshaft #1 on the engine page, Very good splines and faces, $120

C614R Clutch facing, $10 each

AD752R Clutch facing disk, with linings, $24


AD 752R Clutch facing disk with linings, $30

F195R Sliding drive disk, $19


F795R Adjusting disk, $19, your choice

F795R Adjusting disk, $19

A352R spring, $4 each

F794R, Clutch operating bolt, three available, $20 each or three for $50

C74R clutch dog, $16

D2789R Nut, $3
C434R toggle, $4
D355R Dog pin, $3

F198R Fork shaft, $20


F197R Fork with F200R Collar, very good condtion, $95

F199R Clutch fork bearing, $30


AF817R Pulley dust shield, $25, your choice

AF745R Operating lever, $15
A183R Operating rod with yoke and nut, $15

D2031R Clutch pivot bolt with nut, $10

AF829R (F175R) First Reduction gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $50 (57 lb.), your choice

A69R Bearing cover, $9


F521R First reduction gear, no breaks or repairs, $25, your choice

Transmission Parts


F217R Pinion, First and second speed sliding, 18T, $30

F218R, Pinion Third and fourth speed sliding, 25T, $35

F219R Pinion, Sliding gear shift drive, 25T, $35

AF1022R Sliding gear shaft, G over 13000, $50, your choice

F567R Fifth and sixth drive gear, 14T. $35


F566R Pinion Fifth and sixth sliding, 32T, $40

F204R Cluster gear, 28T, 21T, 21T, $12 0

F203R Idler Gear, 25Tand 21T. $60

AF642R Countershaft, $80
Two JD7904R idler gear bearings, $40

F562R Nut on Countershaft, $8



AF1224R (F212R) Underdrive gear and shaft with AA6619R bearing, $85, your choice

JD7487R Bearing, $40
F213R Snap ring, $6

JD7664R Bearing, $15

F623R (AF634R) Shifter First, second, and reverse, $20


Complete G differential with F154R gear, $90, your choice; individual parts are available.

F624R (AF635R) Shifter, third and fourth, $20

F274R (AF331R) Shifter underdrive, $20

Shifter shafts, $10 each

F568R (AF640R) Shifter Fifth and sixth, $20

F565R retainer, $10

F208R Bearing housing with cup, $15

F634R Bearing cover, $19

F168R, Bearing Quill, $12

F167R cover, $10


F222R Bearing retainer, $15


F628R Transmission cover with F147R support tube, $25, your choice


F630R Quadrant, $15

F573R Gearshift lever with all associated parts (no snap ring) for G 13000 and above, $45


F573R Gearshift lever for G 13000 and above, $20

F576R Underdrive shifter handle, $8

Rear Axle Parts

AF1258R (F231R) Final drive gear, $35 (76 lb)

AF420R Rear axle, $95, Can ship UPS (87 lb) (Adds up to 84 inch width both axles)

F787R Inner felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $25

F786R Outer felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $25

F785R Bearing Spacer, $25

F228R Oil seal washer, $9

JD8156R and JD7393R bearings on heavy duty rear axle, used and in good condition, $10 each

JD 8112R (Timken 47685), inner and outer axle bearing for regular axle

A76R Axle nut, $12

PTO Parts

F1248R PTO lever, $10

F253R Shifter shaft, $10
F254R Shifter, $10

F249R Powershaft gear, 22T, $25

F256R PTO gear, $25

F1516R Thrust Washer, $8
JD7502R and JD7951R berarings, Both $30

F248R PTO gear with F246R shaft, $25

Bearing marked ND1206 for F246R Shaft, $16

Bearing marked ND1209, $16

F250R bearing cover, $10

F259R Cover, $10

F708R for 1 3/4" pto, note one broken ear, $10

F708R oil seal for 1 3/4" pto, has flipper guard, no breaks or repairs, $30


F713R G pto shaft, 1 3/4" (17 11/16 inch long, used on G 26000-43351) , $45

F713R G pto shaft, 1 3/4" (17 11/16 inch long, used on G 26000-43351) , $45

F304R Spring ,$5
F301R Cup with used F302R paccking, $5


Hydraulis pump with F306R cover, F299R pump body, F305R drive gear, and idler gear, $90

Hydraulic pump cover, $10

AF371R, shaft with coupling, $10

F263R Coupling for above shaft, $6

F253R shifter shaft, $12

Brake Parts

A88R Right hand and A89R left hand brake pedals, $12.50 each

AF345R Brake shaft, $20, good gear, splines, and bearing surface

AF291R Brake drum, good condition, good surface inside, $20

AA314R brake with lining, most are worn almost to the rivets and linings should be repaced, $12 each shoe


A348R spring, $2

A134R adjusting pin, $24 each

A152R Brake lever shaft , $8

A321R cam, $2

A151R adjusting screw, $5

24H77R Thrust washer, $4

14H655R Brake shaft nut, $4

F151R LH brake housing, good condition, $30

F150R brake housing with pedal, adjusters and pins (need to be freed up), $30

Hydraulic Parts

AA4980R dummy plug, $12

A3140R Adaptor nut, $7

A3141R shear washer, $14 each, two available

AA3754R bracket, $7

AF361R, F296R Housing with bushing and oil seal bearing, no breaks or repairs,$75

F316R Crank arm, $18

AF368R Rockshaft, one with pin and one without, $20 each

A1444R Spring and A1453R Shield, $25

A1443R Rockshaft bearing, $12


F307R Cylinder, very smooth bores, $40

AF370R connecting rod with F309R piston and F311R retainer, may need a new seal, $35


Two views of a very nice A1430R valve control #1, $40


Two views of a very nice A1430R valve control #2, $40

A1446R (AA4101R) Throttle valve, $10
B268R spring, $10

Right hand foot pedal and shaft, $20

Left hand foot pedal, $15

A1450R Pedal return spring for above pedal and shaft, $20

Linkage from foot pedal to valve control, $10

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

Cylinder bracket that mounts to rockshaft housing, $30

Pair of lift arms, they clamp onto the rockshaft, $30