John and Kathy Boehm
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Sheet Metal, Radiator, Seat, Air Cleaner, and other Exterior Parts for John Deere G tractors


A2144R Medallion #2, $40

AF632R Left grille #1, some bondo on top, $120

AF632R Left grille #2, top needs spot welding, $90


AF632R Right Grille #1, $135

AF632R Right Grille #2, $90

AF761R Hood, Excellent condition, no cuts, no serious dents, only slight surface rust, $275

AF761R Hood #2, Good condition, no cuts, some dents to repair and some straightening needed, only slight surface rust, $175


AF1277REnd cap #1, Shutter knob ears are not broken, but knob needs to be loosened, $40

AF1277REnd cap #2, Shutter knob ears are broken and knob needs to be loosened, $30


Temperature gauge $22


AF619R Fuel tank #2, slight surface rust outside and inside, There are a few pinholes that need repair as shown at the orange arrows, $120 (31-16-13)

AA2254R Fuel tank strap, $8

AF652R (F587R) Tank support, $15


AF1253R Gasoline tank, very good condition, slight surface rust outside, no rust inside, but there is some tarry residue that should be removed, $50

Dent free gas cap, either plain or with "Buy clean fuel, keep it clean" $8

B1901R Indexing stop, $25
AB2805R Three way valve, $40, may need a new cork gasket

A2291R Fuel control lever, $30

Sediment bowl, needs cleaning, $13

AA359R crankcase breather cap, $18

AA359R Short breather stack, $19

AD918R Breather body, $18

Clamp for breather cap, $6 each

AF656R Air stack #1, very straight, no cuts, $80

AF656R Air stack #1, very straight, no cuts, a few small dents, $60


F621R #1, no breaks or repairs, $35, your choice

AF1251R Air Cleaner body #1, no dents, no rust, $45

AF1251R Air Cleaner body #2, some dents onone side, no rust, $25

AF740R Oil cup clamp, $10


AF739R Oil Cup, no holes, $35


3 holeAD1606R seat, will seat some straightening, no rust, $20

A618R Seat Spring, $25

8H1268R Bolt for seat spring, with 14H480R Grip nut, $8

C1980R Pin, $5

C1982R Cast spring holder, $5


A222R Seat channel, straight, but has had repairs at the bottom end, $15

A60R seat bracket in very good condition, $50


A60R seat bracket, no breaks or repairs, $45

AA318R platform, $40

AA318R platform, this one has a bit more corrosion under the seat bracket, $25

B2179R Brake latch (short), $5 each


F658R Top tank with no breaks or repairs, a few broken bolts will need to be drilled out, $75

A192R Radiator strap, $5

F662R wanter pipe, $15


F659R Bottom tank with no breaks or repairs, $45

F660R Radiator side, no breaks or repairs, $15 each

F455R shroud, note the cut, $45


AF626R G shutter, works well, no rust, no cuts, excellent condtion, $200

A2133R Short Shutter control rod, $25

B1518R Long Shutter control rod, $25

F648R Center plate (at pedestal), $15, your choice

AF904R Drawbar support, no cuts or repairs, excellent condtion, $65 (58 lb.), your choice

Shop built heavier duty drawbar than the original, $40 (42 lb)

Very heavy duty modified and built up drawbar, $35 (55 lb)

AF319R Front end support, $60 (182 lb.)