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John Deere GP Parts:
Transmission, Final Drive, Brake, Rear Wheel

For faster page loading, GP parts are divided onto the following pages:

GP Engine Parts

GP Transmission, Brake, Final Drive, and Rear Axle Parts

GP Front End, Steering, and Wheel Parts

GP External Parts: Radiator, Sheet Metal, Drawbar

Clutch throwout shaft and lever, AC237R, $45

C172R, $35

C74R clutch dog, $16

D377R Springs for clutch adjusting disk, $5 each, two available

AC699R, Dust shield, $35, no cuts or repairs, not rusted

C957R, $10

C184R, Pulley and spline gear cover, $35 (45 lb)

C207R, Sliding Pinion, High and Intermediate, $60

C228R, Sliding gear, Power Shaft Drive, $30

C490R, LH Cover, Spline shaft, $9

AC458R, Reverse Shaft, $10

AC73R, Reverse Gear with bushing, $40

AC210R, Idler gear with bushing (on Reverse shaft), $30


C686R, Shifing fork shaft, $9

AC71R Shift Fork, C133R, Low and Reverse, complete, $30
AC72R Shift Fork, C132R, High and Intermediate, complete, $30

GP transmission shifter fork, $20

GP transmission shift lever, $25

GP Power shaft lever, $15

Differential Cases: AC947R Pilot Side and AC948R Recess Side, $25 each, or both for $40

AC951R, Bevel Side Gear, $2 available, $20 each or both for $35

AC949R Differential Pinion Spider, $15
AC950R Differential Pinion Gears (4 available), $10 each

AC150R, Intermediate Gear with C210R Spider, $100

AC149R, High and low gears with C211R spider, $150

Special bolt and castellated nut to bolt AC149R and AC150R together, 8 sets, $3 per set

C350R, $15

C271R Right and C272R Left brake shaft, $15 each

Left hand brake guard, it is worn down on one edge, rust pitted, and sold as-is for $10

Differential shaft quill, LH, $35, your choice

C20R, Differential shaft sprocket, $10

Rear axle sprocket, $20

Rear axle chain, $30

Rear axle, $60

C484R Quill bolt clamp, $5

Separator plates, $25 each


AC255R Transmission Main Case, C300R, with serial tag #217570, $100
Case available separately, $35
Tag available separately, $90