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Parts for John Deere G

A limited number of parts available for Model G, all are shown


Wico C short lug magneto, checked, has good impulse, but weak spark, may need a new condenser or?, sold as is, $75


Wico XH1042 case with impulse and shaft, impulse is tuck and shaft not turning, good case, $20, as-is

800 and 801 Hitch parts:

P876A crank arm, $50

Swivel, $10


DA6416A Left hand Crank bracket, $50

F787R Inner felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

F786R Outer felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

B1183R washer, $4

JD8156R and JD7393R bearings on heavy duty rear axle, used and in good condition, $10 each

D2455R felt washer for G rear axle, 1 available, $13

F536R Exhuast valve sleeve, $15

Oil filter head, castings # F96R and F97R, $50

AD 752R Clutch facing disk with linings, $30

A or G clutch lining, $6 each

Pulley dust shield, $25

Clutch operating rod and yoke, $12.50

First reduction gear, $20

F222R Bearing retainer, $5




Five views of a complete round tube wide front axle with knees, spindles and all steering parts. Also includes the F843R hubs. This unit is ready to bolt onto your split pedestal and go to work. Nothing has been broken or repaired. 450 pounds-it can ship truck freight. I have wheels and B split pedestals . $995



F843R hub used with Round tube wide axle, includes caps, both bearing, and felt retainer, ready to use, $60 each

B2698R center steering arm, $60


B2681R wheel with tire, with good axle and bearings, $125

B2681R wheel with good axle and bearings, $125

Oil filter cover and nut, $10

F648R Center plate (at pedestal), $15

Gas tank strap, $7


D1720R, fan shaft keepers, $20

F809R, $10

AF1258R Final drive gear, $25 (75 lb)

NOS JD8112R bearing for G rear axle, one only, $30

A76R axle nut, $25

Bearing at bottom of pedestal, $7.50

A3477R Knuckle cap, $8 each, two available

A1555R hub cap, $16

AD452R spindle nut, $15


F631R cover, $10


F630R Quadrant, $15

All shifter levers and forks available

AF1022R, Sliding gear shaft with bearing, $45

F217R, pinion 1st and 2nd speed sliding, 18T, $30

Pinion, 5th and 6th speed sliding, 32 teeth, F566R, $40

Many transmission parts (gears, shafts, shifters, covers) available, email for individual prices

F708R for 1 3/4" pto, note one broken ear, $25

Hydraulic pump cover, $10

AF371R, shaft with coupling, $10


Brake shaft, $18, good gear, splines, and bearing surface

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

Cylinder bracket that mounts to rockshaft housing, $30