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Parts for John Deere G

A limited number of parts available for Model G, all are shown



Complete Baker valve, everything there and in good condition, came from a running tractor, $250


Baker valve for repair or parts, note that there is a small break in the casting and that the shaft for the handlehas been broken off, $100

800 and 801 Hitch parts:

P876A crank arm, $50

Swivel, $10


DA6416A Left hand Crank bracket, $50

AF825R Fan, very good condition, $35

F787R Inner felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

F786R Outer felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

B1183R washer, $4

JD8156R and JD7393R bearings on heavy duty rear axle, used and in good condition, $10 each

D2455R felt washer for G rear axle, 1 available, $13

F536R Exhuast valve sleeve, $15

Oil filter head, castings # F96R and F97R, $50

AD 752R Clutch facing disk with linings, $30

A or G clutch lining, $6 each

Pulley dust shield, $25

Clutch operating rod and yoke, $12.50

First reduction gear, $20

F222R Bearing retainer, $5


B2681R wheel with tire, with good axle and bearings, $125

B2681R wheel with good axle and bearings, $125

Oil filter cover and nut, $10

F648R Center plate (at pedestal), $15

Gas tank strap, $7


D1720R, fan shaft keepers, $20

F809R, $10

AF1258R Final drive gear, $25 (75 lb)

A76R axle nut, $25

Bearing at bottom of pedestal, $7.50

A3477R Knuckle cap, $8 each, two available

A1555R hub cap, $16

AD452R spindle nut, $15


F631R cover, $10


F630R Quadrant, $15

All shifter levers and forks available

AF1022R, Sliding gear shaft with bearing, $45

F217R, pinion 1st and 2nd speed sliding, 18T, $30

Pinion, 5th and 6th speed sliding, 32 teeth, F566R, $40

Many transmission parts (gears, shafts, shifters, covers) available, email for individual prices

F708R for 1 3/4" pto, note one broken ear, $25

Hydraulic pump cover, $10

AF371R, shaft with coupling, $10


Brake shaft, $18, good gear, splines, and bearing surface

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

Cylinder bracket that mounts to rockshaft housing, $30