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Engine Parts for John Deere G tractors



DLTX53 carburetor #1, original equipment for A 49900-583999, this carburetor has been disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with new gaskets and parts as needed. Ready to go!, Not original equpipment for G, but this one came from a G, $275

F553R Standard bore piston #1, good condition, includes piston pin, $75


F5R Connecting rod #1, Fair bearing, needs some cleaning, $45

F5R Connecting rod #2 or #2, babbit has some light scratches, should be usable with cleanup, but sold as-is, $45 each, your choice

14H404R Head nut, $1.50 each

F579R Head stud, Original, 3/4" by 8", $10 each

Complete rocker arm assembly, very good condition, $150 (individual parts available)

F126R Push rod, $9 each, set of four, $32

F124R Cam follower, $7, set of four, $24


F536R Exhuast valve sleeve, $15 each, three available


F128R Valve cover, no breaks or repairs, $35, your choice

F131R Valve cover nut, $3 each


A31R bearing housing for camshaft, $10

A355R spring at the send of the camshaft, $10

A695R cover, $6


F552R Manifold #1, note one ear partially broken off, $75


F552R Manifold #2, very good condition, no breaks or repairs, $120

AF638R Exhaust pipe with flange for G over 13000, $25 each, your choice


G Muffler #1, used, good condition, $15

B1608R starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60

AF1284R LH Main bearings, $40/set

F770R LH main bearing housing with cap, bolts, and shims, $45

F752R RH masin bearing housing with cap, bolts, and shims, $35


A85R (AA5408R) Spacer (Oil slinger), $10

F77R Cover for A85R Spacer, $10

Spacer, $5

Oil pump, works well, $60

F803R Tappet oiler pipe, $25

Oil pump drive coupling, $12

Oil filter head, castings # F96R and F97R, $40
Oil filter head, castings # F96R and B1742RR, $40

AA2096R Oil filter outlet, $35


Complete oil filter bottom with nut, sealing plate, spring, and snap ring, $25

A519R oil filter bottom o ring, $4

Oil filter bottom cover, $7

Oil filter bottom nut, $6


F631R Crankcase cover, $10


F460R, Air pipe carburetor to air cleaner, Intake elbow, $20, your choice

F463R Ventilator pipe, $20

D1952R Breather core, $10

AD918R Breather body, $20

F702R Choke rod with original metal knob, $25

F119R Throttle rod, $25, your choice

F149R Speed control rod, $20

F799R Governor case, no breaks or repairs, $30

F800R Shaft, $18

JD7657R bearing for governor and fanshaft, $15

B272R Arm, $8
A1491R Speed change spring, $15
F106R Lever Shaft with F2970R Inside lever, $8
B1095R Connector, $6

D1720R, fan shaft keepers, $20

F809R, $10

B2123R fan disk, $24

D399R Friction washer, $7

F807R fan pulley, $30

F808R spring, $8

AF637R Fan shaft tube with support, all bearings, races, and springs are in the support part, $45

F815R Fan shaft support, $15

F666R Inlet pipe, $20

AF651R (F664R) Upper water pipe, good steel pipe, $45, your choice

F665R Lower water pipe, no breaks or repairs, $25