John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model D Parts

At this time, we have parted only styled D's. No unstyled parts, except if they are the same as styled


Drag link, $30

D2410R steering shaft support 25

D1877R Upper steering shaft bearing, $5

D2630R Pivot, $25

D1702R axle with AD1415R Radius rod assembly, $160 (140 lb 45-30-9), can ship UPS

D1673R steering arm, $35

D1673R steering arm, $45

AD1318R steering spindle, casting # D2637R, 2 available, $45 each

D156R taper bolt with nut, $6, two availble

D1701R Spindle pin, $15

A5325R Spindle thrust washer, $5 each

D1881R Spindle cap, $5 each

D1703R Tie rod with jam nuts, $25

H982R Tie rod end, with all internal parts, $25 each

A1557R Front wheel hub, $45, includes bearings

Three views of an 18 inch pressed steel wheel, $50, excellent condition

D3120R wheel center for 30 inch rims, $40 each, two available

D2526R rim clamp, $10 each

7.50-18 tire and tube, some weatherchecking, $25

13-30 tire with good tube, $40