John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model D Parts

At this time, we have parted only styled D's. No unstyled parts, except if they are the same as styled





Complete D2950R case with serial tag 181375, includes transmission parts and turning brakes with rear hubs, as shown in the above photos. Here is a chance to get the hard to find turning brake system for a D tractor. $500. I prefer pick up here, but I may be able to ship truck freight. If you want just the turning brakes and hubs, talk to me.

Clutch fork bearing, $20, similar to above

D171R Clutch Fork with D100R Clutch Collar, Collar does show some wear, but it cam from a running tractor and is usable, $90

D2029R Clutch operating rod, $15

D2944R Clip used on clutch operating rod, $7

AA1595R, Clutch lever, $10

D2031R Clutch Lever Pivot, $8

D2941R Control Quadrant, $15


D1927R Clutch cover, $35

D377R Release Spring, $4 each

AD2843R (D1757R) Adjusting disk, $20

D1755R Sliding drive disk, $25

C614R Facing, $5 each

AD752R Disk facing with linings, $20

AD749R (D1754R) Drive Disk, $80

C434R Clutch toggle, $4 each
C760R Adjusting nut, $5 each
D355R clutch dog pin, $3 each

C74R clutch dog, $16

D1706R Clutch pulley with D2800R gear and bearing and bushing (no operating bolts), good condition, $135, can ship UPS

Spline gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $45

Another spline gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $50

- -


Complete power shaft assembly for styled D, Includes everything needed to add a woprking pto to your tractor, D1858R Quill, D1830R Power shaft and all associated parts, including sifter parts as pictured. $300

D1246R Blockoff plate used when no pto is installed, $10

D2612R brake shaft lever, $10

D2986R brake pedal, no breaks or repairs, $45

A976R brake drum for JD D, $25

D2858R Brake bracket, $15

AA584R brake band (needs new lining) with D2860R crank (crank casting needs repair), $25

D2860R crank, $20

Brake shaft with pinion gear, $35

D2453R shift lever, $25

79R Shift lever spring, $7


D1229R shift lever arm, $25

D2413R Shifter shaft, $9


D1205R shifter fork, $25 your choice


D1206R shifter fork, $25 your choice

D2416R Shift Quadrant, $25

D2803R Spline shaft with D673R bearing quill and D2802R Spline gear, two avaiilable, your choice, $60


JD7680R Bearing on spline shaft, $17


D2818R High and Intermediate Gear, 18T and 22T, $45


D2805R Low and Reverse sliding gear, 14T, $30

Transmission idler gear and shaft, $35

Axle lock for rear wheel, $6 each

Rear axle housing with axle, both sides available, $80 each