John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model D Parts

At this time, we have parted only styled D's. No unstyled parts, except if they are the same as styled

Clutch fork, $30

Clutch fork bearing, $20

D2029R Clutch operating rod, $15

AA1595R, Clutch lever, $10

Clutch rod with yoke, $10

D2941R Control Quadrant, $15

D1927R Clutch cover, $35

D1754R disk drive, $80
AD752R Disk facing with linings, $20
C614R Facing, $5 each
D1755R Sliding drive disk, $25
AD2843R Adjusting disk, $20

D1706R Clutch pulley with D2800R gear and bearing and bushing (no operating bolts), good condition, $100, can ship UPS

C434R Clutch toggle, $4 each
C760R Adjusting nut, $5 each
D355R clutch dog pin, $3 each

C74R clutch dog, $16

Spline gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $45


Brake drum, $25

D2858R Brake bracket, $15

Retainer at brake drum, $15

Brake shaft with pinion gear, $35

D1229R shift lever arm, $25

D1205R shifter fork, $20

D1206R shifter fork, $20


Shifter lever, $20

D1739R Transmission side cover, $10

D2803R Spline shaft with D673R bearing quill and D2802R Spline gear, $75

D2805R Low and Reverse sliding gear, 14T, $35
D2818R High and Intermediate Gear, 18T and 22T, $60

Transmission idler gear and shaft, $35

Axle lock for rear wheel, $6 each

Rear axle housing with axle, both sides available, $80 each