John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model D Parts: Engine Parts

At this time, we have parted only styled D's. No unstyled parts, except if they are the same as styled




AD2544R Carburetor, DLTX63, This carburetor came from a running tractor (ask me to email a link to the Youtube video). This one has been completely disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and reassembled with new gaskets, Note that one of the mounting flanges has bee broken and had a well done welded repair-performance has not been affected, $225


Wico Type X long lug magneto, new impulse spring, cleaned and service by local auto electric shop, good and hot, and tested on a running tractor, $250

A572R magneto gasket, $5



(AD2498R) D3190R connecting rod #1 with shims, end cap, and bolts/nuts, bearing surfaces in good condition, $95


(AD2498R) D3190R connecting rod #1 with shims, end cap, and bolts/nuts, bearing surfaces in good condition, $95



(AD2498R) D3190R connecting rod #3, bearings good condition. no bolts, $70, one available



AD838R: D1750R crankshaft with Counterweight, D1163R gear, F2276R Screw cap, and D141R washer. All journals and splines look good, as seen the closeup photos


D3195R LH main bearing housing with good AD2945R Main bearing halves


D3194R RH main bearing housing with good AD2944R Main bearing halves
Sold as a complete set of crankshaft, bearing housings with matching main bearings. Must be picked uphere or ask me to give a shipping quote for truck freight. $475



B1608R starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60

D3100R Flywheel Splines are in very good condition, Teeth on the starter ring are worn in just on 5 inch long area- the ring gear can be removed, rotated, and reinstalled if necessary, $160

D1787R, Head gasket, good used condition, $20

14H404R Head nuts, 3/4 inch thread, $1 each



D1891R manifold #2, very good condition, no breaks or repairs, $160

Valve spring, $5
Lock retainer, $4
Lock half, $4 each

Main bearing bolt and nut, $2 each set
Main bearing shim pack, $2 each

D102R Cam Shaft, very good condition, $80


AD98R, D37R cam gear with bolts, very good condition, $60


Two views of D6R Camshaft Bearing, very good condition, $25 each, two available

D1773R Cam follower shaft, $10
D795R Spacer Spring, not available
D349R Spacer, not available
Welch plug, not available

D67R Cam follower, $25 each, Set of four $80

Set screw and nut $5

D1776R Push rods, $10 each, set of 4: $30


Rocker arms, $20 each
Rocker arm shaft, $12
Rocker arm washers, $1 each
Rodker arm spacer, $2 each
Rocker arm spring, $6

D285R Tappet Case gasket, good used condition, $10



AD99R (D71R)idler gear with bushing, $40, your choice

F1743R Dowel pin, AD174R Spindle with dowel pin, and D1662R nut, $40


Complete and working oil pump assembly, with D14R housing, D38R Drive gear, AD1901R Pump gears, and andd associated parts as pictured. $100


D1670R cover with complete and working oil screen, not torn or repaired, $34


Oil filter bottom that is used with the metal oil filter, $10

Oil filter outlet, $35
Oil filter head, $45

D1916R casr oil pipe, $35

D31R cast oil pipe, $35

D401R oil pipe, usable, but has a brazed repair, as-is, $15

D3041R tee, $12

C572R oil jet to governor, $18

AD1967R Oil pipe for LH Main bearing, $20

AD1227R Oil pipe for RH Main bearing, $20

AD1966R Oil pipe to oil indicator from filter to case, $20

AD1965R oil pipe to oil gauge with fittings, $15

AD1228R Oil pipe to governor, $20

AD1226R Oil pipe, pump discharge, $20

AD2377R Tappet Lever Oiler, $25

D1785R Oil line to tappets, with D179R paaacking nuts, $25

AD1741R Fan shaft, AD796R (D1366R) Housing, AD2884R bevel gear, includes all bearings and other parts in the housing plus the nuts on both ends of the shaft. Bevel gear is in very good condition, $135

AF825R Fan, very good condition, $35

D399R Friction washer, $7

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9

D378R Spring, $10

D2891R bearing housing, $20

Complete D2579R governor shaft assembly with D1958R drive gear and D1185R fan gear, very good condition, $90

Another Complete D2579R governor shaft assembly with D1958R drive gear and D1185R fan gear, very good condition, $90

AC667R Governor weight, $15

D831R cover, $10

D1367R (AD2823R), Bearing race for governor, $10

JD7657R Governor bearings, $10 each, 2 available

A43R drive flange, $20
Inside lever, shaft , and D1696R arm, $20


D2980R Governor case, no breaks or repairs, $40

- -

D2890R Governor case. Note that part of the casting for one of the oil pipes is broken off, but the missing piece is included, Free with any order

D1959R lever, $20

D2942R Control rod bracket, $8
D1961R Contol crank, $8

D1926R Throttle rod, $10

D1983R Throttle rod, $20

D3146R Choke rod, $25




AD2077R starter, Delco Model 000794 (794), working starter that came from as running tractor, includes working solenoid, but solenoid may need to be rewired as it sparks when used, $300


Two views of D2914R mounting bracket with light shell, no lens, $20


Knobs, $7 each