John and Kathy Boehm
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Drive line Parts for unstyled B tractors- Clutch, Transmission, PTO, Brakes, Rear axle, and More

Clutch cover, $20, some dents


Clutch cover #1 or #4 for unstyled B and Styled B under 201000, nice and smooth, $35

Complete usable belt pulley assembly for unstyled B, $200

Complete usable belt pulley assembly for BR, BO, BI with B734R casting number, good operating parts, $225

B734R pulley with operating sleeve for BO/BR/BI, $50

Pulley dust guard, $25

B162R Clutch adjusting disk, $15

B158R Clutch facing, good used, $10 each


B159R Clutch driving disk #1 for B 1000-60000, Worn splines, no breaks or repairs, usable with a built up crankshaft (ask how), $25

Below 201000, B884R First reduction gear, $25

B145R clutch dog, $20 each, two available

Clutch rod for row crop B, $12
Clutch lever, $12

B180R pivot bolt with nut, $7

B167R bearing for fork shaft, $15

B168R clutch fork shaft, $20

B165R brake, $25

B757R pulley brake for BR, BO, BI, $35

B744R fork for BR, BO, BI, $40

Two views of #1 B746R bronze collar and fork for BR, BO. BI, minimal wear, $250


Two views of #2 B746R bronze collar and fork for BR, BO. BI, minimal wear, $250

B746R bronze collar, very usable, but some wear, $75

B748R First reduction gear cover for BO/BR/BI with dust guard, note that one bolt hole has a small chip indicated at the yeloow arrow, $60

B152R snap ring, used, $5

B152R snap ring, new, $7

JD7677R, Bearing for overdrive shaft and gear, $12.50

B234R or B2339R brake pinion, $7

B235R nut, $4
B233R pinion washer, $1

B227R, Brake adjusting pin, $16 each

A151R, Adjusting screw, $5

B228R spring, $4

Brake shoes that need new lining, $4 each

Brake drum with rivieted shaft for row crop, $25

Brake drum, $15

AB874R or AB875R RH and LH brake drums for BO, $30 each

B218R Brake housing, $15 each

B636R brake housing for BO, $35 ( B637R is not available)

Brake pedals for all B's, specify left or right, casting # B236R and B237R, $15

B642R brake pedal for BO, $25 each

Brake lock levers, $5 each

B639R brake latch for BO, several available, $20 each

12 inch Lindeman pads, some holes enlarged, some have portions chipped off, 7 available, $20 each or all seven for $100 (5 lb. each)

TE512Y, pinion shaft, $50

TE25 track frame clamp, $20


AB1175R, Sliding gear shaft, $25
JD7678R bearing, $10
JD7664R bearing, $10

B611R Collar, $4

AA6619R, Bearing, Overdrive Gear and Shaft, Left end, $12
JD7678R RH Sliding gear shaft bearing, $12

B1372R Overdrive gear and shaft (AB4159R), 26T outside, 20T inside, $100


B343R, 20T Sliding gear shaft drive pinion, $30

B341R, 17T First speed sliding pinion, $30

This B341R 17T first speed sliding pinion has small pitting on a few teeth, free with any other order of transmission gears.

B1370R, 20T Second speed sliding pinion, $30

JD7367R, JD7209R bearings for countershaft, $6 each
B323R, Washer, Idler gear throust, R.H., $4

JD7527 and JD7528 beariugs, $15 each

B324R thrust washer, $5 (All spacers for countershaft also available)

B1368R, 17T Differential drive pinion, $25

B1369R (stamped B531), 25T Second speed countershaft gear, $35


Two views of BR/BO/BI transmission cover with shift levers, $95

BR/BO shift lever, $10

Transmission cover and pedestal with shift lever, $30

Shift lever, $20

Unstyled B shifter forks, $12 each

B376R overdrive shifter with pin and yoke, $25

B713R and B714R Shifters for BO, $15 each

B378R Shaft for shifter forks, $10

B388R high-low shifter fork, $10

Lever for high-low shifter, $10

Bolt with jam nut, $5

B619R cover, $12

B333R cover, $10

B306R flatback cover, perfect, no breaks or repairs, $150

B769R rear axle cover for BR/BO, no breaks or repairs, $100

B951R Powershaft sliding gear, $20, two available

B420R Powershaft sliding gear shifter, $7

B419R Powershaft shifter shaft, $7

B320R PTO shift leverwith A552R arm, $10

B314R, $25

B588R powershaft drive shaft with B587R gear, $20

B586R bevel gear, $15

A559R thrust washer, $7

A774R and A775R Powershaft stuffing box for 1 1/8" shaft, $45

A817R pump cover, $15


A817R pump cover with B483R pump body and B480R and B482R gears, excellent condition, $80


B1679R Powershaft oil seal housing, with no breaks or repairs and includes flipper guard, $45


Valve control, A1430R casting number, $45

Rear cultivator lift arms, $10 each, both $16

Front cultivator mount for unstyled row crop, $5

B718R felt retaine for BR brake, $24

Unstyled B differential, very good, $75

Four views of a B1178R axle housing, with long axles to fit unstyled and styled BWH and BNH tractors, $400

B350R rear axle nut, $14

B179R Final drive gear, fits both row crop B and BR, BO, BI, $40 each

10 spline axle for row crop unstyled B, $50, 48 lb.

B345R rear axle housing for row crop, $60

BO-BR B729R rear axle housing complete with axles, bearings, bull gears, $250

B729R rear axle housing for BR/BO, 180 lb., no breaks or repairs, $60

AB716R or AB 717R axles for BR/BO, $65 each

BO/BR/BI special bolt to connect rear wheel center to axle flange, $4 per set

Usable B347R axle spacer, one piece braken as shown as yellow arrow. $5

JD7365R Inner rear axle bearing for B, BR, BO, $12 each

JD7366R Outer rear axle bearing for B, BR, BO, $12 each

B349R Rear axle felt retainer, $20

B733R Rear axle felt retainer, BR and BO, $25


A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each