John and Kathy Boehm
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Exterior Parts for unstyled B tractors- Sheet metal, tanks, air cleaners, drawbars, seats, and more
Also BO electrical

B1647R wiring harness conduit, $15

Dent free gas cap, either plain or with "Buy clean fuel, keep it clean" $8

AB612R Reqr fuel tank support with B797R Rear support and A1786R Shutter lever and associated parts, $30

AB226R Rear fuel tank support with bracket for attaching shutter lever, $15

AB442R Front fuel tak support, $8

C1438R spring on speed control shaft, new, $7


AD97R, D363R head with stud, $25


B403R upper water pipe, casting only, $15- new steeel pipes are available, ask for details

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

AB1774R Fuel line, B 11622-59999 and BO/BR 325000 and up, $20

AB1773R Gasoline line, B 11622-59999 and BO/BR 325000 and up, $20

B1496R Ventilator tube for BR/BO 325000 and up, $20

B1488R Carburetor to air cleaner pipe for BR/BO, $20

B76R carburetor to air cleaner pipe, $20

AB616 Air cleaner top for BO/BR/BI, $25

AB327 air cleaner bracket for unstyled B: $16


Complete unstyled B air cleaner in very good condition, $95, your choice

AB388R air cleaner body, no dents, $50

AB389R oil cup, $5

AB389R oil cup, $20

AB388R Air cleaner body, one small dent, $25

AB1574R air cleaner body, $20

Air cleaner clamp, $13

BO air stack, $30

Air cleaner for later BO , $35. no cup

AB616R casting and air cleaner body to BO, $35

BO fender guard piece, $15

AB299R platform , no cuts or repairs, needs a ittle straightening, $30

AB299R platform , no cuts or repairs, straight $40

B305R Longer 8 7/8" brake lever, $7 each

BR, BO Drawbar support, $75

B70R and B71R Drawbar support side pieces with some reinforcement, $25/pair

B70R and B71R Drawbar side support pieces, $14/pair

B72R Drawbar rear support, $25; two available, your choice

B68R Drawbar clevis, $15

AB235R swinging drawbar, modified, $10

AB235R swinging drawbar with A1821R drawbar end, some reinforcement, $35, sale pending

AB2613R Seat support channel for BR/BO, $35


A222R Seat channel, will need some hole repair, $20

Bolt and nut, $5
C1982R Spring holders, $5 each
A618R Seat spring, $25

8H1268R Bolt for seat spring, with 14H480R Grip nut, $8

C1982R Cast spring holder, $5

Not original equipment, but a nice seat frame that will fit the A222R seat channel, $20

AB2613R seat channel for BR/BO, as-is, $1

B813R Front end support for BO and BR, 215 pounds, $100 (This is the early style with no eyebolt hole)


Serial tag only, B24021, $40 Shows as shipped to San Francisco branch

BO Main case with serial tag 325629, $125


Cast frame for unstyled B, $50