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Transmission and Drive Train Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000)


B2341R Pulley gear, $40

Complete pulley with good bearings, bushings, and all operating parts for B over 201000, $175, individual parts available (56 lb)

B145R clutch dog, $20 each, two available

B2351R clutch dog, $16 each

B144R toggle, $4 each

B2352R pin, $4 each

B1856R clutch operating bolt for B 96000-201000, $15 each

Pulley shield for B over 201000, $20 your choice


Beadblasted and primed pulley shield, $25, your choice

B1850R clutch pulley with bearing, bushing and operating sleeve, $50

Clutch pulley with operating parts, B1850R casting #, $120


Another Clutch pulley with operating parts, B1850R casting #, $120, very good condition

Dust guard, B under 201000, $25

Dust guard, B under 201000, $25

Dust Guard, B over 201000, your choice $25

Dust Guard, B over 201000, beadblasted and primed, $25


B2463R Clutch driving disk, splines are goodfacing surfaces may need some smoothing, $75

B over 201000, B2354R,clutch facing, $5

B over 201000, AB3471R, Clutch disk with facing, $20

B over 201000, B2358R Sliding drive disk, $10

B over 201000,B2359R Clutch adjusting disk, $10

B1857R Clutch pulley brake arm, for B 60000-201000, $35

B2368R Pulley brake, for B over 201000, $35

B1852R, Clutch fork, $25

B172R bronze collar with B1852R clutch fork, $75 (B172R is currently $310.50 from Deere dealers)

B172R bronze collar $50, excellent condition (B172R is currently $310.50 from Deere dealers)

B1853R Fork shaft, $35

Clutch fork bearing, B1854R $30. B2780R not currently available, but parts catalog shows that B1854R is interchangeable.

Complete fork assembly with B1854R clutch fork bearing, B1857R Clutch pulley brake arm (mininal play between arm and fork shaft), and B172R bronze collar(excellent condition), $120

B180R pivot bolt with nut, $8

Clutch lever, $15

Clutch rod and yoke, $12

Clutch cover for B over 201000, fair condition, similar to above, $25

Clutch cover for unstyled B and Styled B under 201000, $20, some dents


Clutch cover #1 or #4 for unstyled B and Styled B under 201000, nice and smooth, $35

D426R Oil filler cap, $8

B152R snap ring, used, $5

B152R snap ring, new, $7

JD7677R, Bearing for overdrive shaft and gear, $12.50

Below 201000, B884R First reduction gear, $25

Below 201000, first reduction gear with casting # B2105R, $20

Above 201000, B2442R First reduction gear, $15

B1688R First reduction gear cover with dust shield and clutch lever #1, $45

B1688R First reduction gear cover with dust shield #2, $35

B2362R First reduction gear cover for B over 201000, no breaks or repairs, 46 lb., $25

D425R cap, $7


Transmission parts for B SN 96000-200999 :

All parts available for six speed transmission, including gears, shafts, bearings, covers, shifter parts, housings, and fifth and sixth gear set.

AB2843R sliding shaft with bearing, $25

B343R, 20T Sliding gear shaft drive pinion, $25

B341R, 17T First speed sliding pinion, $25

B1873R, 20T sliding pinion, $25

B1874R Overdrive gear and shaft, 26T and 20T, $50

AB2954R Countershaftm $25
B1862R Countershaft idler gear, 19 and 25 teeth, $60
B1868R Second speed countershaft gear, 25T, $25
B1869R Differential drive pinion, 17T, $20
B1899R First speed countershaft gear, 28T, $50
B1866R Lock nut, $20

B1909R and B1910R Fifth and sixth gears, good condition, $60 set

Shift fork for 5th and 6th gears, $12


Transmission parts for B over 201000:


AB4161R Transmission drive gear and shaft, includes both the JD7660R and JD7973R bearings, $120

B3613R, 30T Sliding gear shaft drive gear, $30

B2431R, 19T Pinion, First and Third sliding, $20

B3604R, 25T Pinion, 2nd and 5th speed sliding, $25

AB3502R Sliding gear shaft, $27.50 (bearing not included)

B1916R Sliding gear shaft nut, $7

JD7159R LH bearing on sliding gear shaft, $8

AB3499R Countershaft, $25
JD7937R Roller assembly for B2417R gear, $12 each
B2424R Thrust washer, $7

B2417R gear, no breaks or chips, $95


B2417R gear. Note that there are some small chips on the smaller gear. $60

B2415R Countershaft 1st and 3rd speed gear, 31T, $20

B2418R, Differentail drive pinion gear, 20T, $20

B2416R, Countershaft 2nd and 5th speed gear, 25T, $20

B2420R Spacer, $5

B2414R, Lock Nut, $20

B2425R Countershaft rh bearing housing, $8

B2438R (AB3505R) Cover and retainer, $8


B3476R shift fork (same as B2588R), $50, your choice


B2588R shift fork, $50, your choice

All other Shifter forks (B2585R, B2587R, and B2598R) are $15 each

B2593R Shifter pawl, $7
B2597R Pawl spring, $5

Shifter forks for six speed transmission, B 96000-201000, near new, $15 each

NOS D993R dentent spring used in many of the forks, $3 each

B2600R 4th and 6th speed fork, $10

B2446R 4th and 6th speed gear cover, $10, your choice


The following are differential parts for B over 201000

B2328R gear, $5 each

B2329R shaft with pin, $3

B2320R Thrust Washer, $5

Snap ring, $4

B2327R gear, $40

For B under 201000:

Differential assembly for B under 201,000, good condition, except for one of the small gears, $35

B2332R Differential bearing quill, $10; two for $16

B1753R bearing cap for pto, $20

For B 60000-201000

B487R 1 1/8" Powershaft, $45

A774R and A775R Powershaft stuffing box for 1 1/8" shaft, $45

A817R pump cover, $15


A817R pump cover with B483R pump body, excellent condition, $60


Drive gear and driven gear to fit the B483R body, $8 each

B2084R Powershaft Oil Seal Housing, $40

B1846R bushing, not scored, $30


PTO and pump parts for B over 201000

B2319R bevel gear, $12

B2320R thrust washer, $20

Fiber thrust washer, $4

B3143R 21T sliding gear, $20

B2318R Drive shaft and bevel pinion, $16

JD7673R bearing, $10

B2322R Shifter fork, $10
B2323R Shifter shaft, $10
Both parts $16

Pto lever,shifter arm, and spring, $15

B2618R PTO shaft over 201000, slight scoring on bearing surface, $25

A2931R pump cover, $15
B2617R Pump body, very good condition, $40

Drive gear, 15 , driven gear, $10

For B over 201,000, Pump housing, $40

A2428R Coupling and B2625R Driveshaft, $10 each

B1079R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing, $15, Note two brazed repairs

B2064R Powershaft oil seal housing, $25

A895R bushing, $9

A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing, $25


Two views of A2930R powershaft oil seal housing with very nice flipper guard-the best of the bunch, $30

A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing with flipper guard, $25, your shoice


C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

Six speed, hand start pedestal with A80R throttle lever. Both shift levers need to be freed up, $35

Six speed, hand start pedestal and transmission cover, $15

B2092R transmission cover with pto lever, $25


Complete shift lever with all associated part for above covers (B under 201000), $40, your choice

Shift lever for above covers ( B < 201000), $20, your choice


Shift lever parts:
Ball: $9
Cover: $9
Spring: $3
Snap rings: $3 each
Washer: $1
Special: All parts shown: $22

Six speed shift cage, $13



B2580R shift cage, no breaks or repars. $20- your choice (27 lb)

B2824R transmission cover, $15

B2825R shift quadrant, no breaks or repars. $20

B234R or B2339R brake pinion, $7

B235R nut, $4
B233R pinion washer, $1

14H781R Nut for later style brakes, $3

B227R, Brake adjusting pin, $16 each

A151R, Adjusting screw, $5

B228R spring, $2

Brake shoes that need new lining, $4 each

Brake shoe with used and usable lining, may need to be rinsed in solvent to clean, $12 each

Brake drum with rivieted shaft, $25

Late B brake drum, $15

Late B brake shaft, $15

B218R, B1897R, B2337R, or B2740R Brake housing, $15 each

Brake pedals for all B's, specify left or right, casting # B236R and B237R, $15

Short brake latch with bracket, $7

Brake latch (short), $5 each

Longer 8 7/8" brake lever, $5 each

I have a few complete brake assemblies for all B's, with usable linings, may need to be cleaned up and painted, $75 each - be sure to give me the casting number on the housiung and whether left or right side

Four views of a B1178R axle housing, with long axles to fit unstyled and styled BWH and BNH tractors, $400

Heavy duty 15 spline AB4266R axle for BN or BW high clearance (sn over 201000), 75 lb each. $80 each

B2860R retainer for the heavy duty axle, $15

B2859R retainer for the heavy duty axle, $15

JD7394R Outer axle bearing or JD 7393R inner axle bearing-great usded condition at $15 each (Compare to Deere dealer price of 71.00 and 59.00)

NOS B2412R Outer felt retainer, $25

B2412R, Outer felt retainer, beadblasted and primed, $20, or two for $32

B2412R Outer felt retainer, $20, or two for $32

B2409, Inner felt retainer, Not available at this time


B2407R Bearing spacer, $20

AB4142R Final drive gear (For B over 201000, casting # B2411R), $35

B1184R Final drive gear. This subs for AB4141R Final drive gear with casting #B2119R, For B under serial 201000, $65 each, two available

B1181R Felt retainer, $20 (Compare to Deere dealer price of 62.10)

B1183R washer, $5

B1180R spacer, $20

B1182R outer felt retainer, $20

41 1/2" 12 spline row crop axle for B 60000-201000 , $50 each, similar to above (54 lb)

43 1/2" 12 spline row crop axle for B over 201000 , $60 each (55 lb)

B350R axle nut, $15

B1301R rear axle housing for B, BN. and BW 60000-201000, $50, no breaks or repairs

B2405R Rear axle housing for B over 201000, $50

B2406R rear axle housing for BN or BW high clearance (sn over 201000), $50