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Transmission and Drive Train Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000)


B2341R Pulley gear, $40

For B over 201000: Internal pulley parts, bearing, $15, retainers, etc, $7.50 each

Complete pulley with good bearings, bushings, and all operating parts for B over 201000, $175, individual parts available

B145R clutch dog, $16 each

B2351R clutch dog, $16 each

B144R toggle, $4 each

B2352R pin, $4 each

Pulley shield for B over 201000, $30, your choice

Clutch pulley with operating parts, B1850R casting #, $120

Dust guard, B under 201000, $25

Dust guard, B under 201000, $25

Dust Guard, B over 201000, your choice $25

B over 201000, B2354R,clutch facing, $5

B over 201000, AB3471R, Clutch disk with facing, $20

B over 201000, B2358R Sliding drive disk, $10

B over 201000,B2359R Clutch adjusting disk, $10

B over 201000, B2463R Clutch driving disk #1, excellent condition, $120

B over 201000, B2463R Clutch driving disk #3, excellent condition, $120

B1857R Clutch pulley brake arm, for B 60000-201000, $35

B2368R Pulley brake, for B over 201000, $35

B1852R, Clutch fork, $25

B172R bronze collar with B1852R clutch fork, $75 (B172R is currently $310.50 from Deere dealers)

B172R bronze collar $50, excellent condition (B172R is currently $310.50 from Deere dealers)

B1853R Fork shaft, $35

Clutch fork bearing, B1854R $30. B2780R not currently available, but parts catalog shows that B1854R is interchangeable.

B180R pivot bolt with nut, $8

Clutch lever, $15

Clutch rod and yoke, $15

Clutch cover for B over 201000, fair condition, similar to above, $25

Clutch cover for unstyled B and Styled B under 201000, $20

D426R Oil filler cap, $8

B152R snap ring, used, $5

B152R snap ring, new, $7

JD7677R, Bearing for overdrive shaft and gear, $12.50

Above 201000, First reduction gear, $15

B1688R First reduction gear cover with dust shield and clutch lever #1, $45

B1688R First reduction gear cover with dust shield #2, $35

B2362R First reduction gear cover for B over 201000, no breaks or repairs, 46 lb., $25

A4233R oil filler cap, $9

Transmission parts for B SN 96000-200999 :

Most parts available, including gears, shafts, bearings, covers, shifter parts, housings
Fifth and sixth gear sets are not available

AB2843R sliding shaft with bearing, $25

B343R, 20T Sliding gear shaft drive pinion, $25

B341R, 17T First speed sliding pinion, $25

B1873R, 20T sliding pinion, $25

B1874R Overdrive gear and shaft, 26T and 20T, $50

AB2954R Countershaftm $25
B1862R Countershaft idler gear, 19 and 25 teeth, $60
B1868R Second speed countershaft gear, 25T, $25
B1869R Differential drive pinion, 17T, $20
B329R First speed countershaft gear, 28T, $50
B1866R Lock nut, $20

B1909R and B1910R Fifth and sixth gears, $40 set, some pitting especially on B1910R gear

Shift fork for 5th and 6th gears, $12

Transmission parts for B over 201000:

B3605R Sliding Pinion 4th/6th, 18Teeth with B3603R Gear 4th/6th, 32Teeth, both in very good condition, $100 for the set

B3613R, 30T Sliding gear shaft drive gear, $30

B2431R, 19T Pinion, First and Third sliding, $20

B3604R, 25T Pinion, 2nd and 5th speed sliding, $25

AB3502R Sliding gear shaft, $27.50 (bearing not included)

AB3499R Countershaft
JD7937R Roller assembly for B2417R gear, $15 each
B2424R Thrust washer, $7

B2417R, no chipped or broken teeth, $100

Another nice B2417R, no chipped or broken teeth, $100

B2415R Countershaft 1st and 3rd speed gear, 31T, $20

B2418R, Differentail drive poinion gear, 20T, $20

B2416R, Countershaft 2nd and 5th speed gear, 25T, $20

B2420R Spacer, $5

B2424R, Lock Nut, $20

B3476R shift fork (same as B2588R), $60

All other Shifter forks (B2585R, B2587R, and B2598R) are $15 each

Shifter forks for six speed transmission, B 96000-201000, near new, $15 each


B2600R 4th and 6th speed fork, $10

B2446R 4th and 6th speed gear cover, $10, your choice

B over 201000 pto parts, $70 for all or priced individually

The following are differential parts for B over 201000

B2328R gear, $5 each

B2329R shaft with pin, $3

B2320R Thrust Washer, $5

Snap ring, $4

B2327R gear, $40

For B under 201000:

Differential assembly for B under 201,000, good condition, except for one of the small gears, $35

B1753R bearing cap for pto, $20

For B 60000-201000

Origianl pto cover, $30


B487R Powershaft, $45, your choice

Pump gears for above shaft, $12 each

A774R and A775R Powershaft stuffing box for 1 1/8" shaft, $45

A817R pump cover, $25

B483R pump body, $45

B2084R Powershaft Oil Seal Housing, $40

PTO guard, needs work, free with any order

For B over 201,000:

, pto shaft $45 , B2617R Pump body, Not available, driven gear, $10

A2428R Coupling and B2625R Driveshaft, $10 each


A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing, $25


Two views of A2930R powershaft oil seal housing with very nice flipper guard-the best of the bunch, $30

A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing with flipper guard, $25, your shoice

Two views of nice pto guard, $45


Pto lever, etc., $15

B1932R casting, dash, steering pedestal, A80R throttle lever, transmission cover with two shift levers, $80, no breaks or repairs

Shift lever for above covers ( B < 201000), $20


Shift lever parts:
Ball: $9
Cover: $9
Spring: $3
Snap rings: $3 each
Washer: $1
Special: All parts shown: $22

Shift cage, pedestal, and levers, $25

Steering pedestal with shutter lever, $10

B2580R shift cage, no breaks or repars. $20- your choice

B2824R transmission cover, $15

B2825R shift quadrant, no breaks or repars. $20

B234R or B2339R brake pinion, $7

B235R nut, $4
B233R pinion washer, $1

14H781R Nut for later style brakes, $3

B226R, $24 each

B227R, Brake adjusting pin, $16 each

A151R, Adjusting screw, $5

B228R spring, $2

Brake shoes that need new lining, $4 each

Brake shoe with used and usable lining, may need to be rinsed in solvent to clean, $12 each

Brake drum with rivieted shaft, $25

Late B brake drum, $15

Late B brake shaft, $15

B218R, B1897R, B2337R, or B2740R Brake housing, $15 each

Brake pedals for all B's, specify left or right, casting # B236R and B237R, $15

Brake latch (short), $9 each

Brake latch, long, $9


Heavy duty 15 spline AB4266R axle for BN or BW high clearance (sn over 201000), 75 lb each. $80 each

B2860R retainer for the heavy duty axle, $15

B2859R retainer for the heavy duty axle, $15

JD7394R Outer axle bearing or JD 7393R inner axle bearing-great usded condition at $15 each (Compare to Deere dealer price of 71.00 and 59.00)

NOS B2412R, $25

Final drive gear (For B 60000- 201000, casting # B2119R), $35

AB4142R Final drive gear (For B over 201000, casting # B2411R), $35

B1181R Felt retainer, $17.50 (Compare to Deere dealer price of 62.10)

B1183R washer, $5

B1182R Dust excluder, $25 (Compare to Deere dealer price of 60.95)

B1180R spacer, $20

41 1/2" 12 spline row crop axle for B 60000-201000 , $50 each (54 lb)

43 1/2" 12 spline row crop axle for B over 201000 , $60 each (55 lb)

B350R axle nut, $15

B1301R rear axle housing for B, BN. and BW 60000-201000, $50, no breaks or repairs

B2405R Rear axle housing for B over 201000, $50

B2406R rear axle housing for BN or BW high clearance (sn over 201000), $50