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Hydraulic and Implement Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000). Click here for other JD styled B parts. If you don't see what you need, e-mail and ask!!



Very nice powerlift for late B, casting # B2612R, looks like new inside, $80

A1108R rockshaft, with or without dowel pin, $14 each

B1148R (AB3115R) crank arm, $10

AB4212R piston with connecting rod, $15

B2630R, $8

A1444E spring and sleeve, $40

AA3744R Hydraulic control lever, $30 each, your choice

A3140R and A3134R nut and oil line coupling, $25 each, $40 for the pair (includes shear washers- one original, one non-original)

AA4980R dummy plug, $20
Adaptor nut, $5

A3141R shear washer, $14 each, two available

A1446R (AA4101R) Throttle valve, $10
B268R spring, $10


A3092R casting on valve control, looks very good, $50


A3436R valve control #1, $50


A3436R valve control #2, $50

Two views of A3430R valve control, $70 (65lb)


A5349R valve control, $25

Cylinder bracket that mounts to rockshaft housing, $25

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $3 each

B487R Powershaft, $45

Pump gears for above shaft, $15

A774R and A775R Powershaft stuffing box for 1 1/8" shaft, $45

A817R pump cover, $15

Right hand foot pedal and shaft, $20

Left hand foot pedal, $15

A1450R Pedal return spring for above pedal and shaft, $20

Linkage from foot pedal to valve control, $10


Valve control with A1430R casting number, $40, your choice


Another valve control with A1430R casting number, $40

Yakima hitch

Yakima hitch (Lindeman's answer to give the A or B a three point hitch), $135, can ship truck freight

800 and 801 Hitch parts:

P876A crank arm, $50

Swivel, $10

DA6416A Left hand Crank bracket, $50


Cultivator lift arm, $10

Cultivator lift arm, $10

Pair of lift arms, $15 for both