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Engine Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000). Click here for other JD styled B parts. If you don't see what you need, e-mail and ask!!



DLTX 73 carburetor, missing load nozzle, should be disassembled and cleaned but otherwise good, $125

Used compression release valve, $20, two for $35

7/16-14 thread acorn nut for JD B valve covers, identical to correct original equipment, $1.50 each



B2460R crankshaft #1 in excellent condition, with good splines and bearing surfaces, $160 (this matches the B2461R flywheel #1 shown below)

B2360R bolt and R20135R Washer for B2460R crankshaft, $15

B2461R Flywheel #1 in excellent condition, no breaks or repairs, good ring gear, $150, can ship UPS (this matches the B2460R crankshaft #1 shown above)


Two views of a very nice B1848R hand start flywheel, $90

B1952R flywheel with good ring gear, $100 (100 lb.)

B1608R starter ratchet, note there is a small crack at the orange arrow, $50


B1847R crankshaft #2, all journals nice and smooth, very good splines both ends, $150

B1303R crankshaft #1, Journals good, but driving disk splines show some wear and may need to be built up, as-is, $45 (50 lb.)

Above 201000, RH main bearing shell and bearing, $40

Above 201000 LH bearing shell and bearing, $40

Cover for flywheel spacer, $5

Flywheel spacer, $10

For B 96000-201000, L. H. bearing shell and bearings or R.H. bearing shell and bearings, $40 each assembly, your choice

LH main bearings, very good condition, $35 for the pair
Not shown: RH main bearings, very good condtion, $35 for the pair

Main bearing shim pack, enough for one bearing: $7


B1770R connecting rod with a small void in the babbitt as shown, $25


B1770R connecting rod with slight scoring in the babbitt as shown, $50

Very nice B1772R standard bore piston, for B 96000-200999, $45

B1772R pistons, standard bore with piston pins and used rings, solid and usable pistons with some pitting on the top only, $15 each, similar to above, four available



B1783R block #1 for B over serial 96000-201000, right hand bore has shallow pits in the top 3 inches, left hand bore is smooth. Standard bore. No cracks or repairs by visual inspection only, $100, may be possible to us as-is or a good candidate to be rebored.

Set of pistons from the B1305R block shown below, measure 4.535", $45 for the pair



B1305R block, bored oversize to 4.545, on bore is pitted, as-is, $50


B1306R head #1, no cracks by visual inspection, willneed new valve seats and on valve guide, as-is, $50

AB3536R exhaust pipe for B over 201000, $20


Two views of a usable B1786R manifold #1, note that one ear at exhaust pipe flange and one ear near head is broken, $20


B2472R manifold #1, cleaned, checked, and in excellent condition, $100


B2472R manifold #2, cleaned, checked, and in good condition, bottom gasket surface will need to be smoothed, $70

Used head gasket, free with any head


B1797R Valve stem lock: $2 each


Intake and exhaust valves, B 96000 and Up: No intake valves, Exhaust valves: $12

Valve cover, above 201,000, $10 similar to above



AB3694R, Ventilator pipe outlet, $16

Below 201,000, valve cover, $10 similar to above

B pushrods, $4 each

Complete rocker arm assembly with oil line, one rocker arm post has a brazed repair, good condition, $110

Early style rocker assembly without oiler: $80

B1711R rocker arm post: $32

Oil line for rocker assembly, $15

Stud into head to hold rocker assembly, $5

AB2567R Tappet Lever with adjusting screw, $18

AB2567R Tappet Lever without adjusting screw, $12

B1859R Adjusting screw with jam nut, $13

B207R spring, $5

B206R Tappet lever shaft, $5

B217R or B2284R Camshaft: $25
B195R Cam gear: $35

B195R cam gear, pitted- for ornamental purposes for those who use these for "steampunk" sculptures, $20. Ask I have more items available

B198R camshaft rh bearing, $10

B199R camshaft lh bearing, $10

Cam follower holder and oil pump drive, $20

Cam followers, $5 each

A2354R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

A4227R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

Oil line to gauge for B over 201000, $8

Oil regulator assembly, excellent condition, B over 201000, $15

B over 201000 oil pump, complete, tested and pumps very well, $40

B 96000-201000 oil pump, complete,tested and pumps very well, $40

Oil pump drive coupling, $12

B below serial 201000 Individual oil lines:

AB2705R, Oil Pipe to governor, $20

AB3325R (AB3335R), Oil pipe Pump discharge, $15

AB290R Oil pipe camshaft, $15

AB289R Oil pipe to camshaft and indicator, $15

AB2703R Oil pipe tappet, not currently available

AB288R Oil pipe LH main bearing, $15

AB515RR Oil pipe RH main bearing, $15

A2356R Connector for Oil pipe to tappets, $6

B1095R Connector, Oil pipe governor, $6


B1097R, Elbow, side outlet, on camshaft and governor oil pipe, $15



B above serial 201000 Individual oil lines are $15-20 each


AF2752R oil pressure gauge, nearly new,. with brass elbow, $35

Nice AF2752R oil pressure gauge, $25

Brass elbow for oil pressure gauge, $5

Oil filter head for B under 201000, $40, your choice


R20248R (A1152R) Oil filter housing, $25

Oil filter outlet, $35


Complete oil filter bottom with nut, sealing plate, spring, and snap ring, $25

A519R oil filter bottom o ring, $4

Oil filter bottom cover, $7

Oil filter bottom nut, $6

B2371R carb to air cleaner pipe, for B >201,000, $15

B2371R carb to air cleaner pipe, for B >201,000, beadblasted and primed, $20

B2833R carb t air cleaner pipe for very late B with ventilator pump, $25

B1408R Carb to air cleaner pipe, $20

B2115R, Above sn 201000 Lower water pipe, $15, your choice

Water pipe for B with water pump, $9


B1814R water pipe, good casting, but needs a new pipe (available new, ask for details), $12, your choice

B1814R pipe, some corrosion at end, usable, $25

B2608R pipe, $10


B1798R lower water pipe, $10, your choice

B2889R lower water pipe, $15


B under 201000 governor, B282R gear very good, B279R gear has some wear, minimal play in the governor weight pins, $95

B over 201000 governor, both gears are very good, minimal play in one of the governor weight pins, the other weight pin has more play and my need some attention, B2637R bevel gear, $95


B over 201000 governor, The drive gear is very good, there is a small amount of pitting on the bevel gear, minimal play in both of the governor weight pins, B2637R bevel gear, $50


Governor sleeve and bearings for B over 201000, $25

Govertnor shaft with very good B2637R bevel gear, $40

AB295 governor weight and pin, nice, $20, one available

B2637R drve gear, $17.50

New old stock bevel gear on governor shaft, B2637R, No longer available from Deere, $75, fits B over sn 201000


B1767R governor case, $25

B2630R governor case, $20

End cap for above case, $15

Wire shield for above governor case, $10

JD7657R for end of governor shaft, $20

Lever and shaft for B above 201000, $20

Lever and shaft for B below 201000, $20

Speed control spring, $15 - for tractors above 201000 serial number only

B2836R throttle rod, $15

B2544R 18 inch governor to carb rod, B>201000, $15
B2543R 16 inch throttle lever to governor rod, B>201000, $15
B2543R 17 1/2 inch throttle lever to governor rod, B>201000, $15

B2836R throttle lever to governor rod, B>201000, $15

Also have rods for B under 201000, such asa the one above, $15, give length needed

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

30 inch choke rod for B over 201000, have other lengths

Choke rods with metal knob, $20 - Give overall length and I will match it

B295R spring (right) and H1039R spring (left), $7 each


AB297R fan blade with hub #1, good rubber and good splines, $120


AB297R fan blade with hub #2, good rubber and good splines, $120


Fan bade with hub, good rubber and splines, $120

AB3315R fan, $30 your choice

D399R Friction washer, $7

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9

B295R spring, $7
B2121R reatiner, $7
D1736R washer, $3

B298R retainer and 24H847R washer, $10


B1141R fan gear housing, good bearing race, $14, your choice


B289R fan gear, not too worn, but it has a few small chips in some of the teeth, #1, $75


B289R fan gear, not too worn, but it has a few small chips in some of the teeth, #2, $60

Fan assembly for B under 201000, no gear, $25

AB1519R fan tube: $25

Fan tube for B 60000-201000, with B1141R housing, $25

Fan tube for B 60000-201000, $20

Fan shaft for B 60000-201000 with B289R fan gear, that shows some wear and pits, as-is, $50

Fan shaft for B 60000-201000, $20

AB3691R fan shaft, $25 for B over 201000

B2563R fanshaft tube, $25


Ventilator pump assembly, B2652R and B2644R casting numbers, $35

Ventilator pump assembly, A4188R and A4189R casting numbers, $35

B2124R generator drive pulley on fanshaft, no breaks or repairs, $24


B2874R pulley, $20

D1720R Fan retaining lock, $5 each

Fan for B under 171992, $40

B1917R fan support, $10

B2014R fan shaft support, $14

B2114R fan shaft support, $10

Fan support, B > 201000, $10

Above 201000, Crankcase cover, $15

B55R Breather cover and stack, $20

B1841R crankcase cover, $20

B2117R Breather body, $20

B1596R breather body, has added pipe elbows, $10

B1596R breather body, $25

B1598R (AB1848R) Breather cover, $15

B1938R crankcase cover with starter bracket, $40

AB233R Breather core, $25

This AB233R breather core is $5

Oil filler cap, $9

Front end support for wartime B, cast irn, used on #136662-166999, casting # B2013R (parts catalog says B2012R), this was from a BW, $100

Tag and case from a wartime B, serial #162628, $60

Tag and case from a BNH, #112073, $135


B2480R (AB3518R) main case, no breaks or repairs, $60