John and Kathy Boehm
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Engine Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000). Click here for other JD styled B parts. If you don't see what you need, e-mail and ask!!



Used compression release valve, $20, two for $35

7/16-14 thread acorn nut for JD B valve covers, identical to correct original equipment, $1.50 each


Above is a matched and balanced set of B2461R flywheel, B2460R crankshaft, and B2463R clutch driving disk, $400 for the set
Flywheel available separately for $190


B2460R #1 crankshaft, matched to #1 flywheel, great splines and journals, $135


Two views of a very nice B1848R hand start flywheel, $75

B2360R bolt and R20135R Washer for B2460R crankshaft, $15

Above 201000, RH main bearing shell and bearing, $40

Above 201000 LH bearing shell and bearing, $40

Cover for flywheel spacer, $5

Flywheel spacer, $10

For B 96000-201000, L. H. bearing shell and bearings or R.H. bearing shell and bearings, $40 each assembly, your choice

LH main bearings, very good condition, $35 for the pair
Not shown: RH main bearings, very good condtion, $35 for the pair

Main bearing shim pack, enough for one bearing: $7

B1608R starter ratchet, $50

B3201R connecting rod with good bearing and bushing, $80, one only available

B1772 standard pistons, 4 1/2 bore, $35 each or $55/pair
Also have usable pistons with some pitting on top for $25 each

B1772 standard pistons, 4 1/2 bore, $35 each or $55/pair

B2381R standard piston for B over 201000, used rings, include the piston pin, very good condition, $50 each or $80/pair


Two views of B1783R block #1, one sleeve is partially split as shown, will need to be resleeved, otherwise good condition, free with any order

B1789R stud in block for attaching head, $8 each

B1306R head, used on BO/BR over 329000 and B 60000-96000, good usable condition, $275

B1306R head #2, used on BO/BR over 329000 and B 60000-96000, good usable condition, mayneed at least one valve seat, very good valve guides, $250


B2501R head #3,good core, no cracks or repairs, may need one or two valve seats replaced, $80

B2501R head, previous owner replaced valve seats, but decided not to use it, as-is, $25


B2179R manifold, excellent condition, $90

Exhaust pipe for B under 201000, $25

B1797R Valve stem lock: $2 each


Intake and exhaust valves, B 96000 and Up: No intake valves, Exhaust valves: $12

Valve cover, above 201,000, $10

Valve cover, above 201,000, beadblasted and primed, $10


AB3694R, Ventilator pipe outlet, $16, your choice

Below 201,000, valve cover, $10

B pushrods, $4 each

Complete rocker arm assembly with oil line, very good condition, $105

Oil line for rocker assembly, $15

Stud into head to hold rocker assembly, $5

B1711R bracket, $20

AB2567R Tappet Lever, $20

B207R spring, $5

B206R Tappet lever shaft, $10

Camshaft: $25
Cam gear: $40

B198R camshaft rh bearing, $10

B199R camshaft lh bearing, $10

Cam follower holder and oil pump drive, $20

Cam followers, $5 each

Head bolt nuts ($.30 eac)and oil lead washer $15, acorn nuts not available


Oil regulator assembly, excellent condition, B over 201000, $15

B over 201000 oil pump, complete, tested and pumps very well, $40

B over 201000 oil pump, complete, $25

B 96000-201000 oil pump, complete, $35

Oil pump drive coupling, $12

Individual oil lines are $13 each for all styled B

B1479R fitting at oil pressure gauge, $10

Oil line to gauge for B over 201000, $10

Oil filter head for B under 201000, $40, your choice

Oil filter head with B2304R casting number, good condition, $100

Oil filter housing, $25

Oil filter outlet, $35

A519R oil filter bottom o ring, $4

Complete oil filter bottom with nut, spring, and sealing plate, $25

Oil filter bottom cover, $7

Oil filter housing, $25


B2371R carb to air cleaner pipe, for B >201,000, $20

B2371R carb to air cleaner pipe, for B >201,000, beadblasted and primed, $20

B2833R carb t air cleaner pipe for very late B with ventilator pump, $25

B1408R Carb to air cleaner pipe, $20

B2115R, Above sn 201000 Lower water pipe, beadblasted and primed, $25

B2115R, Above sn 201000 Lower water pipe, $15, your choice

Water pipe for B with water pump, $9

B1814R water pipe, good casting, but needs a new pipe (available new, ask for details), $20

B1798R lower water pipe, $20

B2889R lower water pipe, $20


B under 201000 governor, both gears are very good, slight play in governor weight pins, $100, your choice

Two different internal governor assemblies for B over 201000, both gears are very good, negligible play in governor weight pins, both are some of the nicest that I have had, $135, your choice

Govertnor shaft with very good B2367R bevel gear, $40

B2632R governor drive gear with two very nice governor weights, $70

New old stock bevel gear on governor shaft, B2637R, No longer available from Deere, $75, fits B over sn 201000

Excellent late B governor weights, no wear at pin/mounting hole, 2 available pin included, $30 each

B2630R governor case, $20

End cap for above case, $15

Wire shield for above governor case, $10

JD7657R for end of governor shaft, $25

Lever and shaft for B above 201000, $20

Lever and shaft for B below 201000, $20

Speed control spring, $15 - for tractors above 201000 serial number only


53 inch long shutter control rod for B>201000, $20

B2836R throttle rod, $15

18 inch governor to carb rod, B>201000, $15
16 inch throttle lever to governor rod, B>201000, $15
17 1/2 inch throttle lever to governor rod, B>201000, $15

Also have rods for B under 201000, such asa the one above, $15, give length needed

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

30 inch choke rod for B over 201000, have other lengths

Choke rods with metal knob, $20 - Give overall length and I will match it

Metal knob for choke rod, $10

H1039R spring, $7

AB3315R fan, $35

B2123R fan drive disk, $25; two for $40

D399R Fan friction, $7

B295R spring, $6
B2121R reatiner, $7
D1736R washer, $3

B298R retainer and 24H847R washer, $10


B1141R fan gear housing, good bearing race, $14, your choice

Fan tube for B 60000-201000, $20

Fan shaft for B 60000-201000, $20

AB3691R fan shaft, $25 for B over 201000

B2563R fanshaft tube, $25


Ventilator pump assembly, B2652R and B2644R casting numbers, $35

B2124R generator drive pulley on fanshaft, no breaks or repairs, $15

B2874R pulley, $12

D1720R Fan retaining lock, $5 each


B2122R keeper, $5

Fan for B under 171992, $40

B2014R fan shaft support, $14

B2114R fan shaft support, $10

Fan support, B > 201000, $10

Above 201000, Crankcase cover, $15

Breather pipe for B2117R Breather body. $15

B2117R Breather body, $20

B1546R breather body, has added pipe elbows, $15

B1938R crankcase cover with starter bracket, $40

AB233R Breather core, $25

This AB233R breather core is $5

Oil filler cap, $9

Excellent main case for B over 201000, no tag, differential included, $50