John and Kathy Boehm
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Electrical Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000). If you don't see what you need, e-mail and ask!!



Wico XB distributor, Shaft turns, buts needs cleaning, two cap screws broken off, insulation at terminal needs repair, sold as-is, $25

Delco 1107942 starter #2 for B over 201000, Rebuilt with new switch and bendix by my local auto electric shop, $250


Tested Delco 1107942 starter #1 for B over 201000, $175

Tested Delco 1107942 starter #3 for B over 201000, $175


Tested Delco 1107942 starter #4 for B over 201000, $175


Nearly new heavy gauge six foot battery cable, $18, similar to AB3546R

New never used grounding strap, $10

Starter yoke, rod, and button, $30

Starter rod, spring, and button, $20

B2286R Starter button, $15

B2483R starter opening cover, $16

B2483R starter opening cover, $16


Two views of AB2933R flywheel guard, one mounting tab needs to be reattached and it is included, $60


- -

B1938R crankcase cover with starter bracket, your choice, $35

AR1326R (Sub. for AB3585R) Battery base, $15, your choice

Light with unbroken original lens, $20

Light bar with original lights, unbroken guide lenses, lights not tested and may need work, $20 each

Short or long light bars, new, $10 each

Light mounting bracket for B over 201000, $10, 9 1/2" overall, have other lengths- tell me what length you need, $8

A2612R rear light bracket. $20

AA209R Wire conduit, $15

Spark plug wire conduit for B over 201000, $15

Spark plug wire conduit for B over 201000, with rubber block for plug wires, $20

Clamp for spark plug wire conduit, $10

B2874R pulley, good splines, $24

Delco 1101371 Generator #1, turns freely but not tested, $65

Delco generator, turns freely, not tested, no pulley $20

Delco 1100371 generator, turns freely, $65

Delco 1101390 generator for B over 201000, turns freely, not tested, $65

Delco 1101357 generator for B , turns freely, not tested, $60

B2113R generator bracket, has been repaired, $9

Generator Adjusting strap (above 201000). $10

Generator mounting bracket (above 201000) $12



B1695R Slant dash with B2092R transmission cover, no breaks or repairs. $160

B1596R breather body, $25 and B1598R (AB1848R) Breather cover, $15



Two pieces D2911R to make a belt pulley on the fanshaft for the generator, $25

- -

B1606R flywheel with good ring gear, $100

B1031R generator bracket , with brazed repairs, $15

Generator adjusting strap, $5, not an original

- -

B1642R Support for dash and steering shaft with gauges, switches, conduit, wiring clutch lever, $125

B1694R Breather body, no breaks or repairs, $25

B1595R Crankcase cover with starter bracket, has been broken in half and brazed together, as-is, $20

B1593R generator bracket (note the brazed repair at the yellow arrow), $20