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Parts for John Deere Model A -Wheels, Front End, Steering

9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

9/16-18 lug nut for some front hubs used on AO, AR, and D hubs,stamped with R-(star), $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

1/2-20 lug nuts for front wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

JD1272R front wheel #1, 4 x 16, with useable 6.00-16 tire, $120

JD1272R front wheel #2, 4 x 16, with useable 6.00-16 tire, $120

Shop Built bracket to bolt onto your front pedestal, use as a tow poing or tie down bracket, $15



Complete Round Wide front end to fit late A and B with the split pedestal, Complete including the hubs, steering arms, tie rods, mounting plates, and all mounting bolts. Nothing is either broken or repaired-everything is in very good condition. Ready to go to work on your tractor.

$995 plus truck freight shipping or it can be picked up here.

If you need the split pedestal, I also have them available for both Models A or B.



A3277R split pedestal #1, great condition, no breaks, no repairs,, includes vertical shaft, eccentric, steering gear and both covers, $260



Serial number tag for styled AW with round tube front axle, $50 with or without case (tag is still on case)

Serial number tag confirmed correct for styled AW, $100 with case (tag is still on case) or $80 alone


A4964R center section with two A5767R knees with bushings and dust excluders. Note that center section is broken on one end, $50




Serial tag, $25



Four views of a complete AN front end for tractors under serial 584,000. Includes A2450R pedestal that includes all internal parts (verical shaft and fork, sector gear, and eccentric bushing) with A1235R wheel (390 lb.), $350 - may be willing to separate parts. Pick up here or I can ship truck freight.

Serial tag from the above AN front end, $35, sold only with the front end

B2681R wheel with tire, with good axle and bearings, $95 (160 lb with tire, 135 lb without)

B2681R wheel with good axle and bearings, $95 (160 lb with tire, 135 lb without)


A2122R Bearing housing, $10

AA380R Steering wheel #1, 17 3/4 inch diameter, $30

AA380R Steering wheel #2, 17 3/4 inch diameter, $25


Either of these steering wheels free with any order

AA1776R Steering shaft, $35 (Approimately 87 inches long)

JD7205R steering bearing. $10 each

C535R nut, $4
A133R washer, $2

A2123R sector gear, very good condition, $70

A490R steel shim, Not available
19H205R, Screw, $4

- -

A491R/AA5521R, steering eccentric bushing, $20, your choice

A2118R Cover for styled A steering pedestal, $10

Pedestal for styled tractor (47700-583999) , tricycle front end, $40

AA3504R Vertical shaft and spindles for above pedestal, fits A 477000-584000, $50

Rollomatic front end parts:

A3479R (AA4009R) front wheel hub, includes retainer and both bearings, $35 each, two available

A3472R (AA4098R) LH Knuckle, good bearing surfaces and good teeth, $65

A3476R Thrust washer, $10

A3477R Knuckle cap, $8. one available

A1423R Cap, $10

A2112R center plate. $15

Repairable Steering wheel, with some rubber pieces missing, free with any order.

F843R hub, includes both bearings and retainer, $40

A1553R hub, includes both bearings and retainer, $30

- -

A1555R hub cap, $16

AD452R spindle nut, $15

D1082R spindle nut, $15

A3004R hub, includes good used bearings, $40

Wheel center, outer diameter 34 1/8 inch. Use this center and your wide rim to make a light weight wheel for your pulling tractor, the 9 hole bolt pattern fits A3248R, B1678R, and B2277R hubs, $80

B634R rim clamp, $3 each

A2760R rim clamp with bolt, $16 each


A2980R 15 spline hub, $60 each, two available


A2980R hub, usable with one crack on one ear, $15

A2961R Special hardened bolt to attach hub to cast center, with nut, $2.50 each set

B1961R hub clamp $40

Special 3/4 x 4 bolt to fit the B1961R clamp, $8 each

A1812R Hub clamp, $45; one available


AA3043R (?) 10 x 38 rim #2 to fit the A3149R cast center, there are a few rust through pinholes at the yellow arrows in the first photograph, as-is,$40


AA3043R (?) 10 x 38 rim #1 to fit the A3149R cast center, $80


A3149R cast center for 38 inch rims, $50 each, two available, no cracks or repairs

A3402R Rear wheel center for 42 inch rims, $40 each


Pair of rear Wilson Nutwell JD 34-35 wheel weights to fit A3402R cast centers for 42 inch rims, Each weight is approximately 250-300 pounds, $90 for the pair


AA4025R 10 x 42 rim #4,One pinhole rust through, pitting inside rim, some straightening needed at bead, $35