John and Kathy Boehm
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Front end and Wheel Parts for John Deere Unstyled Model A, AR, and AO

9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

9/16-18 lug nut for some front hubs used on AO, AR, and D hubs,stamped with R-(star), $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

1/2-20 lug nuts for front wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50


Parts for Unstyled and Styled Wide front ends with either A1100R center section or B1207R center section


B829R Center steering arm, one ball shows some wear, but no breaks or repairs, $100

Tie rod with H982R end (complete with all internal parts), overall length 21 1/2 inch, $35

H982R tie rod end with all internal parts, $25 each

A893R upper clamp, B1233R lower clamp, with bolt, $15 each

Various tie rods of different lengths (18 1/2, 17 1/2. 14 1/2 inches long) (A892R, B1221R, B1205R, B1206R), $20 each

Complete tie rod set as shown, all internal parts included, $100

Top and bottom views of A1100R center housing, no breaks or repairs, $200 can ship UPS

A833R ( AA730R) Knee, no breaks or repairs, good bushings, two available, $90 each

A887R U-bolt, two available, $20 each or both $32

A891R steering arm, $160

A1101R Lock bolt, $10

A1101R lcok bolt with wahser and nut, $15

A890R thrust washer, $10 each

D467R Shim washer, $3

B1236R (AB4685R) Ball down steering arm, no breaks or repairs, $160

B3264R Ball up steering arm, no breaks or repairs, $180

A1553R wheel hub with hub cap, $60

A1557R Front wheel hub, $45, includes bearings

AD1318R steering spindle, casting # D2637R, 2 available, $40 each

AD452R spindle nut, $17 each

D1701R Spindle pin, $20

A5325R Spindle thrust washer, $5 each

D1881R Spindle cap, $7

B818R Spindle pin taper bolt, $7

D1674R steering arm, $20

D1673R steering arm, $30

A956R tie rod with jam nuts, $20

H982R Tie rod end with all internal parts, very good condition, $20 each

Welded and repaired tie rod end, internal parts intact, $10

A942R steering pedestal, $15

A946R top for steering pedestal, $12

AA380R steering wheel $10

AA1163R Row crop steering shaft and spindles, $35

JD7205R steering bearing. $10 each

Nut for top end of steering shaft, $6

A489R pedestal, $45

- - Wheel #1

- -

Pair of F and H HC125B wheels for John Deere unstyled A, 10 spline, $150 for the pair


36 inch split rim, includes lock ring which is not shown, $60