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Parts for John Deere Unstyled Model A, AR, and AO


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Three views of a complete clutch assembly with A17R pulley, no bearing, bushing in good condition, includes operating sleeve, dogs, toggles and one operating bolt, operating sleeve moves the dogs and toggles correctly, $90

C614R Clutch lining, $10 each, good used

Snap ring,$5

Clutch driving disk with worn splines that can be built up: $20

A20R adjusting disk, $20

Clutch rod for row crop A, $10

A82R and A78R, with some wear on bronze collar, but still usable, $35 (Note that A82R is no longer available from Deere)

Cluch fork shaft, $24
Spring, $5

A21R, $25

Pulley brake, $30


Operating bolt, A135R, $15
Toggle, A141R, $5
Dog, C74R, Not available
Pin, D355R, $3

A556R First Reduction Gear cover, $30

A909R First reduction gear cover AR/AO, $35

A946R Bradket, steering,$10

A944R Bracket, speed control, $10


AA329R Dust shield, $25

First reduction gear, A12R, $30

A817R pump cover, $25

Hydraulic pump gears, $6 each

A565R cover on side of case for pto shaft, $15

Pto bevel gear, $25
Sliding gear, $25
Shaft with bevel gear, $25

A774R/A775R Powershaft stuffing box, $50

Pto operating lever, $10

Shift lever for unstyled A row crop, $15

A824R transmission cover, complete with shift levers, steering pedestal and some throttle parts, $50

A824R transmission cover, with A80R throttle lever, steering pedestal, and some throttle parts, $45

A597R Spring $5
A598R Pawl $8

Transmission gears for unst A, AO,AR, Complete set $250, or priced individually on request

A114R Countershaft idler gear, $45
A2316R Countershaft thrust washer, $6
JD8620R and JD7914R, roller bearings, $15 each

AR differential with brake shaft, very good condition, $80

Row crop differential assembly with A10R casting number, very good condition, $70 (85 lb.)

Differential assembly without crown gear, all parts good condition, $20

A1384R Bull gear, $45 (65 lb.)

A76R Axle nut, $25 (or two for $45)

AA1602R Rear axle, $60 (65 lb.)

JD7245R Inner and outer axle bearing, good condition, for A/AO/AR, $16 each

AR/AO rear axle shaft, $50 each
RH (approx 27 inch) AA1596R
LH (approx 25 inch) AA1597R

Special bolt and nut for axle flange to wheel or cast center, $3 each, 4 available

A828R Rear axle housing, Row crop A, $50 (300 lb.)

A921R rear axle housing, AR/AO, $50


Parts for unstyled A brakes

A1162R pinion. $16

A348R spring, $2

A152R Brake lever shaft , $12

A321R cam, $2

A151R adjusting screw, $5

C535R Nut, $1
5/8 nut, $.25

24H77R Washer, $1
D136R Washer, $1


Brake shaft and drum, $20 Brake drum, $10


A1161R brake housing with pedal, brake lever shaft, cam, and adjusting screw, both brake lever shaft and adjusting screw are loose, $45 left side

A1161R brake housing, fits left or right side, both brake lever shaft and adjusting screw are loose, $30

Brake pedals, $12.50 each

A976R AR brake drum, $25

A972R AR brake housing, $25


For AO and AR: A910R, A911R, and A1015R shifter forks, $15 each or all three for $35

For Row crop A: A594R and A595R shifter forks, $15 each

Shaft for shifter forks, $5

A917R, AR/AO Gear shifter arm, $25

A115R A/AR/AO Overdrive shifter lever, $10

A916R, AR/AO gearshift lever, $10
A556R, AR/AO overdrive shift lever, $10

B490R RH foot trip pedal with shaft, $25. This is the smaller, early style pedal.

B491R LH foot trip pedal, $25. This is the smaller, early style pedal.

C1224R spring, $4

Connecting rod between pedals and valve control, $7



Be-Ge valve control unit from a styled A, complete from a non running tractor, sold as is, $50


Be-Ge valve control unit from an unstyled A, complete from a non running tractor, sold as is, $50

A1141R main case with brass tag #251760 for AR (Two Cylinder Club research documention can be provided. It was shipped Dec 13, 1935 to Arcata, California.), $160, Willing to remove tag and sell it separately, same price.

Tag # 255718 for AR. (Two Cylinder Club research documention can be provided. It was shipped Jan 19, 1938 to Arcata, California.), $125

A950R frame for AR or AO, $50