John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Unstyled Model A, AR, and AO

View into fuel tank

View into gasoline tank, rust through to fuel tank at yellow arrows

AA577R Fuel and Gasoline tank, No rust through to the outside, but the inside of both tanks have a lot of surface rust and there is a rust through area between the two tanks, as-is, $80

Gas caps, one with no writing, one :Buy Clean Fuel Keep It Clean), $9 each

AA272R (AA3072R) Rear tank strap, $11

A1786R shutter lever with mount: $15

AA272R (AA3072R) Rear tank strap with A1786R shutter lever, $25

A1187R vent tube, $20

Tool box, $10

AA607R AR/AO drawbar support, $45, 32 lb

A212R Row crop drawbar roller support bracket, $20

A216R (RH) and A217R (LH) Row crop drawbar side brackets, $25 each, both for $45

A56R Pipe on radiator top tank, $20

A931R pipe, $20

A52R radiator side, $15

AA268R fan shroud, $50 excellent condition


A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

New reproduction platform for early AR/AO, replacement if yours has been cut out like most of them seem to be, $75 (25 lb)


3 hole seat #3, needs some center repair, $25

Not original equipment, but a nice seat frame that will fit the A222R seat channel, $20

A618R Seat Spring, $20

8H1268R Bolt for seat spring, with 14H480R Grip nut, $8

C1980R Pin, $5

C1982R Cast spring holder, $5


A60R seat bracket, no breaks or repairs, $45

A60R seat bracket, with one small chip shown at the yellow arrow (upper right corner of photo), $20

AA318R platform, $40

AA318R platform, this one has a bit more corrosion under the seat bracket, $25

A946R bracket on top of steering post, AO and AR, $10

Serial tag for row crop A #430260, have serial research as sent to Merrell OR, $90

A1141R main case with brass tag #251760 for AR (Two Cylinder Club research documention can be provided. It was shipped Dec 13, 1935 to Arcata, California.), $160, Willing to remove tag and sell it separately, same price.

Tag # 255718 for AR. (Two Cylinder Club research documention can be provided. It was shipped Jan 19, 1938 to Arcata, California.), $125

A950R frame for AR or AO, $50