John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Unstyled Model A, AR, and AO



Wico Type C long lug magneto, works good and hot, and tested on a running tractor, $225

A572R magneto gasket, $5


A61R standard bore pistons with pins, $50 each

A61R earlier style (Jam nut, rather than clips, to hold piston pin in place) Standard bore pistons, 5 1/2", $60, includes piston pin, one available

Piston pin, $5

A107R connecting rod with somevoids in the babbit. may be usable but sold as-is $35

A61R 5 1/2" Standard bore piston in good condition with piston pin and connecting rod (babbitt in poor condition), $50

A36R manifold #2, good but note the broken holes at the the exhaust pipe mount, $30

A 1386R elbow for exhaust on AR/AO, Two mounting holes partly broken, the others are good, $10

A28R flywheel, $50 (110 lb)

A28R Main bearing cover, $9

Oil slinger on crankshaft, $9

RH main bearing shell with good used bearings for unst A, AR, AO - $40
No LH main bearings available

A302R Shim packs for main bearings

A1143R cam follower guide with oil pump drive, $20

Cam follower, $4 each

A105R Tappet lever, $17 each (four available)

A131R Tappet lever adjusting screw, $17 each (four available)

F2559R Adjusting screw, $17

Early pushrods (A129R with A139R end piece) for A up to 435282 or AR/AO 252684, $15 each or four for $50

A1290R Push rods, $7 each, set of 4 for $25

A176R Valve cover and tappett lever bracket stud, $12

Retainer clips for valves, $8/pair
Valve spring: $2
Cap, $2

Exhaust valves, $10 each. Intake valves, $10 each

A30R Camshaft gear, good teeth, no chips, no breaks or repairs.
One has no broken off bolts, $45
One has one bolt broken off and needs to be drilled, $20

A1142R camshaft, $25

A31R bearing housing for camshaft, $5

A355R spring at the send of the camshaft, $10


Oil filter bottom that is used with the metal oil filter, $10

Oil filter head with A1277R casting number on top piece, $60

Oil filter head with A1150R casting number, $45

Oil pump, Turns freely and pumps, screen needs repair, $25

Oil filter outlet, $35

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

Bracket for water and oil gauge, $6

Governor speed control spring, $10

Row crop A tube and housing, $20

D399R Friction washer, $7 (not used on all unstyled A)

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9 (not used on all unstyled A)

Row crop A fan support, $9


A845R upper water pipe, $25

A902R crankcase cover, $20

Breather core, $12

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

A80R throttle lever, $20

A948R carburetor throttle rod for AR/AO, $20

Throttle rods, $12 your choice

A1170R governor case in good condition, $25, similar to above