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Parts for John Deere Model A - Transmission, Brake, Final Drive, and PTO parts

Clutch parts

Clutch cover #1, $20

Clutch cover #2, $25

AA2336R Dust guard and oil seal, $20

A1864R clutch pulley with good operating sleeve, bushing, and bearing, $75

A135R clutch operating bolt, $15 each


A2448R clutch driving disk in good condition with no breaks or repairs, $85

A4028R driving disk, $80, very good condition, no breaks or repairs

A20R, adjusting disk, $15

R90815 (C614R) New clutch facing, $20 (one only)

C614R Clutch lining, $10 each, good used

AD752R Cllutch disk facing with linings, $20

A4149R adjusting disk, $20

A4031R Clutch operating bolt, $20 each

Complete brake, fork, fork shaft, and bearing, $120

A82R and A78R, with some wear on bronze collar, but still usable, $45 (Note thAt A82R is no longer available from Deere)

Cluch fork shaft, $24
Spring, $5

A21R, $25

Pulley brake, $30

A352R spring, $5

D2789R 9/16 castellated clutch adjusting nut, $5

Operating bolt, A135R, $15
Toggle, A141R, $5
Dog, C74R, $16
Pin, D355R, $3

C74R clutch dog, $16

First reduction gear, A12R, $30

JD7664R bearing, $15

A2468R first reduction gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $40

A3263R first reduction gear cover, no breaks or repairs, $40

A3818R, Cover on first reduction gear cover, $7

D426R cap, $7

A4233R oil cap for first reduction gear cover, $10

Pulley guard and dust shield for late A, $15

Clutch rod, $12

Clutch lever, $15

Clutch pin, $7


For A 499000 to 584000 (Mid styled with battery in hood)


A2623R 15T 5th and 6th speed sliding pinion
A2624R 30T 5th and 6th speed drive gear
For A 499000-584000 Set of two gears, $50

A94R first speed sliding pinion 18T, $25

A113R second speed sliding pinion 21T, $25

A600R Pinion, sliding gear shaft drive 20T, $25

AA3114R Slliding shaft with nut, $25
Bearing, $10

AA5470R, A2323R Sliding gear shaft gear, 20T inside, 26 T outside, $50

AA3203R countershaft with bearings, $30
A2634R Locking nut, $15
A582R First speed gear 27 teeth, $25
A581R, Pinion differential drive, 17 teeth, $15
A580R Second speed gear 24 teeth, $20
Spacers, $5 each
A2312R Idler gear, 19/25 teeth, $60

JD7920R bearings used under idler gear, $15 each

A2316R, $15

Bearings both ends of countershaft< $12/pair

Trans cover, 5th and 6th gears, $12

Shifter, 5th and 6th gears, $12

A2640R and A2641R Shifters, $12 each
A595R shifter fork, $20

A2423R shifter rail, $5

A548R sliding gear shaft RH cover, $10

A2318R cover, $5

A263R bearing cover, $8


For A 584,000 to 648000 (Pressed steel frame, two stick transmission)

AA3203R Countershaft with bearings, A 499000-648000, $30
A2312R Idler gear, 19T and 25T A 499000-648000, $60
JD7920R bearings used under idler gear, $15 each
A580R Second speed gear, 24T A up to 648000, $25
A581R differential drive pinion, 17 T, A up to 648000, $15
A582R First speed gear, 27T. A up to 648000, $25
A2634R Locking nut, $15
Spacers, $5 each

This gear only: A2312R Idler gear, 19T and 25T A 499000-648000, $40

AA3916R Sliding gear shaft,A 584000-648000,$25
A600R Sliding gear shaft drive pinion, 20T, A up to 648000, $25
A113R Second speed sliding pinion, 21T, A up to 648000, $25
A94R First speed sliding pinion, 18T, A up to 648000, $25
JD7159C bearing, $10

AA5474R (A2323R) Sliding gear shaft drive, 26T and 20T, A 488000-648000, $50
JD7673R bearing, A up to 648000, $15
JD7672R bearing, $15

A2623R 15T 5th and 6th speed sliding pinion
A3276R 30T 5th and 6th speed drive gear
For A 584000-648000 Set of two gears, $50

A3276R gear, $25

A3344R and A3345R shifter forks, A 584000-A648000, $12 each

A595R Overdrive shifter, $20

Shifter shafts, $10 each
5th and sixth speed shifter forks, $15 both
Pto shifter fork,

Various snap rings, retainers, springs, and other transmission parts, ask

A2318R cover, $5

A548R bearing cover, $10

A3252R Bearing quill, $10
Metal shims, $2 each

A2626R cover, A 499000-648000, $12


For A above serial number 648000 (Pressed steel frame, one stick transmission)

AA4415R, Countershaft with nut, $40
AA5562R Countershaft first and third speed gear, 40T, $30
A3802R Pinion differential drive gear, 19T, $25
A4023R, Countershaft second and fifth speed gear, 32T, $30
A3803R Countershaft idler gear, 35T and 22T, $75
JD7937R Counterhaft roller bearings (2 used and spacer), $35 for the set
Spacers, $5 each

A3808R Sliding gear shaft, $35
A3810R First and Third speed sliding pinion, 18T, Not available
A4025R Second and Fith speed sliding pinion, 26T, $30
A3813R Sliding gear shaft drive pinion, 23T, $30

AA5471R Sliding gear shaft drive gear, for A above 657393, $75
JD7672R Outer bearing, $20
Inner bearing with races, rollers, snap ring, $20

4th and 6th speed gears, A4026R 24T pinion gear and A4024R 34T sliding gear, for A above 648000, $60 for the set

A4175R Sliding gear shaft RH bearing cover, for A above 661406, $12

A2318R cover, $5

A4013R shifter fork, A above 648000, $12

A4014R shifter fork, A above 648000, $12

A4016R shifter fork, A above 648000, $20

Shifter shafts, $10 each
4th and sixth speed shifter forks, $20 both

Other transmission parts for A above 648000, ask

A3841R cover, A above 648000, $12


Other transmission parts for styled A

A604R Gearshift lever, with ball and spring, $25

Shift lever parts:
Ball: $9
Cover: $9
Spring: $3
Snap rings: $3 each
Washer: $1
Special: All parts shown: $22


A142R Overdrive shifter handle $10

A115R Overdrive shifter lever, $10

A3399R Overdrive shifter handle, $10
A115R Overdrive shifter lever, $10

Shift lever with four hole plate for A 488000-648000, $40

AA3111R Shift quadrant, $18

A3348R transmission cover with overdrive shifter handle, 2 lever type, $25

A over 584000, transmission cover with steering pedestal and lever, 2 lever type, $40

A4011R shifter cage, $20

Shift lever and other parts for A4009R/A4011R parts, $40

A4009R transmission cover, $15

Differential, $45

Differential with A3728R castiung number, $45



Powershaft seal housing used with 1 3/8 shaft, $10

Powershaft stuffing box for 1 3/8 shaft, $35

Pump idler gear, $7, Pump drive gear, $7

A2431R Pump cover, $15

A2430R Pump body, $45

A2931R powershaft and asaociated parts, $30

A2428R pto shaft coupler

A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing with flipper guard, $25, your choice

A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing without flipper guard, $15

A2390R bevel gear, $15

A2391RThrust washer, $15

A2389R sliding gear, $30

A2388R Driveshaft and bevel gear, $20

A565R cover, $10

Shifter lever, $5

Sliding gear shifter parts, $25, individual parts available- ask

Snap ring, $5

Shaft with coupling, $10



A1958R Bearing spacer, $25

JD7392R, Inner and outer bearing on rear axle, $15 each

A3040 Bearing spacer, $30

A3042R Inner felt retainer, $16 each

A3041R Outer felt retainer, $16 each

A2243R axle, two available, $50 (72 lb)

A76R Axle nut, $25 (or two for $45)

A3045R final drive gear, $25 (75 lb)

Rear axle housing, $50


A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $3 each





Complete LH brake assembly with A3260R housing, working and in good usable condition, $85 (50 lb), your choice


Complete RH brake assembly with A3260R housing, working and in good usable condition, $85 (50 lb), your choice

A1162R pinion. $16

A348R spring, $2

A321R cam, $2

A151R adjusting screw, $5

C535R Nut, $1
5/8 nut, $.25

24H77R Washer, $1
D136R Washer, $1

A3260R brake housing, $15 no breaks or repairs

A1161R brake housing, $15 no breaks or repairs

Brake shaft and drum, $25

Brake pedals, $12.50 each