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Parts for John Deere Model A - Hydraulic and Three Point Parts


Complete Baker valve, everything there and in good condition, came from a running tractor, $250

800 and 801 Hitch parts:

P876A crank arm, $50

Swivel, $10

DA6416A Left hand Crank bracket, $45

DA6413A Right Hand Crank bracket, $45

DA5933A and DA5934A Brackets for links. $40 pair


Mounting brackets for #5 mower, $25, pair (They bolt onto the draw bar support bracket)

A3637R Cylinder bracket that mounts to rockshaft housing, $25

A1892R Special Hex Nut for attaching implements, $2 each

Parts for A 488000-584000
Pump idler gear, $15, Pump drive gear, $15
A2431R Pump cover, $15
A2430R Pump body, $60
A2931R powershaft and asaociated parts, $30


A2428R pto shaft coupler, $5

A3400R Powerlift Drive Shaft, $10


A2930R, Powershaft Oil Seal Housing with flipper guard, $25, your shoice


A664R control rod, $16

Spring for above pedal and shaft, $20

Valve control with A1430R casting number, $45

A1444R Spring and A1453R Shield, $25

A1108R rockshaft, with or without dowel pin, $14 each

B1148R (AB3115R) crank arm, $10

A633R crank arm, $10

B2630R, $12

A1443R, $12

A627R hudraulic piston with connecting rod and pin, $20

AA3744R Hydraulic control lever, $30 each, your choice


Two views of A3436R valve control #3, Threads on control shaft are useable, $70 (65lb)


Two views of A3436R valve control #4, $50 (65lb)


A3436R valve control #1, $50


A3436R valve control #2, $50


A3436R valve control #5, $35


Two views of A3604R valve control #1, $50


A5349R valve control, $35

A1446R (AA4101R) Throttle valve, $10
B268R spring, $10

A3140R Adaptor nut and A3134R oil line coupling, $25 , ONE ONLY AVAILABLE

AA4980R dummy plug, $12

A3140R Adaptor nut, $7

A3141R shear washer, $14 each, two available

A3255R Cap, $10

A3613R (AA5535R) coupling, $20

AA4981R plug, $14

A3614R Cap, $10

AA3754R bracket, $7

A2424R casting, powerlift for A under 584000, good condition, $45

A3288R casting, complete powerlift for A over 584000, $90, very good condition

Shop built parts to add a three point hitch to your tractor, $40