John and Kathy Boehm
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JD 50 Transmission, Clutch, and Final drive Parts

B152R snap ring, used, $5

JD7677R, Bearing for overdrive shaft and gear, $12.50

First reduction gear, $10

B3011R gear in first reduction gear cover, $15

B3168R gear with bearing in first reduction gear cover, $25

A3826R cover, $5

Clutch pin, $6

Clutch dust guard, $20

A4581R seal housing for pto, $13


BB2824R shift cover, $20

Shifter Quadrant, $25

B3478R shift fork, $15

B2598R shift fork, $15

4th/6th shift fork, $15

Brake shaft, $16

Brake drum, $20

Brake pedals, B236R and B237R, $10 each

F787R Inner felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

F786R Outer felt retainer on rear axle (heavy duty long axles), $20

B1183R washer, $4

JD8156R and JD7393R bearings on heavy duty rear axle, used and in good condition, $10 each

AB4533R Bull gear on rear axle, with B3110R spider, $40 good condition

B350R rear axle nut, $14

P1992B andP1993B planter drive gear (from rear axle of Model 50), $15