John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model 50 Sheet Metal and other External Parts

Hood, $90

Hood support top and side pieces, $6 each

Center section of grille, $9

Grille sides, $9 each

Gas tank, very rusty inside and some pinholes on the bottom as shown at the yellow circles, as-is, $30

Heat shield, $30

Tank support straps, $8 each

Aluminum "Be Careful" plate, $10

Tool box, $20

B3079R Upper water pipe on radiator, $40

B3072R bottom tank, $25 (21 Lb.)

B1804R sides, $10 each

AB4508R shutter, $35

Throttle lever, $25

Drawbar support frame $45 (40 lb)

B3201R Carburetor pipe, $20