John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model 50 Engine Parts

Head, will need a valve job, note welded repair at bottom water jacket, includes valves and springs, $40


B2889R lower water pipe, $15

Valve cover with breather tube, $25

Valve cover, $10

Pushrods, $5 each

B3019R Crankshaft with left main bearing and gears, $100

Flywheel side oil slinger, $10

B3029R Cover for oil slinger, $5

Right hand main bearing and bearing shell, $25

AB4623R transmission oil baffle, $7

AB2567R tappet, $20 each

Shaft for rocker arms, $5
Spring for rocker arms, $5


Camshaft: $25

RH Camshaft bearing, $10

B2468R LH cam bearing, $10

Cam followers, $4 each

Oil pump drive coupling, $16

Oil filter outlet, $35

Oil pressure regulator, $15

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

Oil lead, $7

Throttle rod, $12

Throttle lever, $25

B3000R Governor case, with hydraulic pump drive gearm $30

Special governor bolt, $5

Governor end cap, B283R, $15
JD7657R for end of governor shaft, $25

Fan support, $10

Generator adjusting strap, $10

Spark plug wire conduit, $25

Coil with bracket, $10