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Clutch, Transmission, Brake, and Final Drive Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors

Torque tube M1782R, no serial tag, $45, no breaks or repairs, can ship UPS

Pressure plate, $25

Clutch disk, $20

M57T Carrier with AL2116T throwout bearing, $50
(For comparison, Deere dealer price for M57T is 333.50, for AL2116T is $54.00)


AM320T cam, 15

M1842T Throwout yoke, $15

AM321T Clutch rod, $15

M335T Clutch spring, $15

M226T Return Spring, $8

AM322T clutch shaft, $25

M1789T Clutch pedal, $14

M1693T clutch pedal, $14

M1764T clutch pedal, $14

Torque tube with no serial tag , no breaks or repairs, $30

M47T Input shaft quill, $7

M136T, M137T, M138T shim, $1 each

M143T, Gear fourth speed, 27 teeth, $45

M1689T, 16 tooth third speed gear, $25

M1686T input shaft for H, S, T, V Shaft has worn splines.

M867T Powershaft for 40T, $40

M130T Powershaft for 40S, $30

M1687T triple gear (AT16550T), for all Model 40, 19, 26, and 43 teeth, $160


JD7939T bearing and M132T spacer, $30 for all ($15 with the gear)

M3590T coupling, $7


M1685TSecond and Reverse slikding gear, 38T/31T, $70

M152T, First and fourth speed sliding gear, 24 teeth, $30

M1690T, 35 T third speed sliding, $30

Pinion shaft, $40

Differential from 40T (will fit all other models except W), $35

PTO lever and shaft, $15
PTO fork, $15

M2341T transmission case, $60, can ship UPS

M3050T Bracket coupling brace. $9

M2212T spring, $30

M2210T rear cover for S, $15

M1735T brake lever, $5

40T brake shaft, $10

40S brake shaft, $10

A different 40T brake shaft, $10

M1711T quill, $10 each, several available

Brake disks from 40U, 4 available, $10 each, usable, but may need cleaning

M1791T, $16 each

40U and 40S Brake pedal M1714T, $10 (M1715T not available)

M2140T brake shaft, $10

40T brake pedals, $10 each

40T brake disk, $10 each

Also available: 40U brake disk, $10 each

AM851T Brake assembly, for H, S, U, V, W, $35 each, very good condition

M949T Special nut for brake adjustment, $10

M1713T Brake lever, $15


M1781T brake housing with lever and inner parts, two available,$35 each, can ship cheaply in Flat rate box

Brake lock assembly, $15

M1811T brake lock, $10

M1814T brake lock, $10

Brake shaft, $10, your choice

Final drive pinion and shaft, $20

Bull gear, $35

Complete final drive assembly for 40U. bpoth LH and RH available, $225 each side, can ship via truck freight-ask for a shipping quote

Two complete 40T final drive with good uncut axles. $200 each or both for $325. Too heavy for UPS, prefer you pick up here, but I can ship truck freight.


M1783T final drive housing, no breaks or repairs, $40

M1010T Clip, $3 each
M1011T Special implement bolt, $1 each

74 tooth M998T bull gear for 40T, 420T, 430T: $45

M1961T shaft and M1680T pinion gear with bearings and other parts, all splines very good, to fit T tractors, $55

M1710T, $12

Shim for M710T, $1 each

M1005T washer, $5


Rear axle bearings inner and out for 40T, 420T, 430T: $10 each

M1765T final drive cover pans, each one has a chip missing for the trunnion bolt hole, but they can be reversed so the unbroken holes can be used. $25 each