John and Kathy Boehm
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Sheet metal and other external Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors

M857T (upper), $10
M856T (lower in photo), $10

AM314T Front grille bracket, $13

AM917T, Bracket to attach front bottom of grille on some models, $14

NOTE: All M hoods will fit Model 40, all 40 hoods will fit Model M

M/40 hood #5, not cut or rusted through, needs some straightening on bottom edges, $125

M/40 hood #3, not cut or rusted through, needs some straightening on bottom edges, exhaust hole and air cleaner hole have been filled in, $75

M/40 hood #6, not cut or rusted through, needs some straightening, is missing one side of the brace, $100

M/40 hood #2, not dented or rusted through, but exhaust holehas been cut bigger, $75

- - - -

Nice gas caps, $9 each


Dented gas cap, $4


Sediment bowl, good, but needs cleaning, $10 each, your choice

Tank support, $10

M1923T dash, no switch, $25


M1923T dash with switch. $30

AM1661T Pressure switch for Hobbs hour meter, not tested, sold as-is, $15

- - -

M1787T casting # Instrument panel, some with throttle lever, $25, your choice

AM1836T Seat mounting bracket, $25


AM1956T seat frame, original equipment for 40S, There is some welding bead to be ground off from a non original tool box that was removed. $60

M2168T and M2167T seat brackets from an S, $10/pair

AM2211T Seat frame for 40U, seats brackets are welded to frame and guards are misssing,still very functional, $25

M radiators are the same part number as 40 radiators


M/40 radiator with the top pushed in, as-is, $25


AM1766T Radiator shroud, $35, your choice

AM2852T upper radiator support, $15


Lower radiator bracket, $5

Bracket for attaching sheet metal, left and right available, $4 each

Air cap, one dent, $25

M412T Air hose, used, good condition, $10



Two views of an M/40 air cleaner #3, one small dent, full length air tube, $80

Two views of an M/40 air cleaner #2, dents in both body and tube, full length air tube, not pretty but functional, $25

Air hose, not original Deere part, $5

AB1626R (AB3477R) No rust, no holes, $45

AB1626R (AB3477R) Both of these oil cups have holes, as shown at the yellow arrows, $10 each

Air cleaner clamp with bolt and nut, $12

Air cleaner clamp without bolt and nut, $7.50

M2528T Fender brace, 40U, $15 each, two available

AM2206T RH fender for 40 U, as-is, $25

AM1831T right footrest, 40T, $20

AM3270 Left footrest, 40T, $20


AM1890T 40T drawbar support frame, $45, your choice

AM2406T Drawbar support for later 40U, no repairs, breaks, or added welding, $60, sale pending

M2595T Bracket for front of drawbar on later 40U, no breaks or repairs, $35, sale pending