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Sheet metal and other external Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors

NOTE: All M hoods will fit Model 40

Hood #4 frrom a Model 40, excellent condtion, $250

40 hood #1, very good condition, $225

M hood #2, no cuts and no rust, will need some minor straightening, $175, can ship UPS

Modified hood, with higher center section, $30

M gas tank #1, excellent condition, $195 (Will also fit Model 40


Model 40 Gas tank #1, has been repaired as shown and the repair at the front corner does leak, inside needs cleaning, sold as is, $25 (Will also fit Model M)

Gasoline line, $7

Tank support, $10


M1787T casting # Instrument panel, one has a trottle lever, $25

M2654T Dash for 40U, $20

M2167T and M2457T seat brackets, $15/pair

AM2211T seat frame for 40U, $75


40 radiator #1, no leaks, from a running tractor, top has some dents that will not show when grille is in place, $160


Radiator #6 from a Model 40, no leaks - was holding antifreeze solution when tractor was parted, will need some cleaning, $160


M Radiator #3, tested with no leaks. It has had some repairs, and will need to be flushed. $150; M radiators are the same part number as 40 radiators


M Radiator #6, tested with no leaks. IThe bottom pipe has holes as shown, but they are covered by the radiator hose, $150; M radiators are the same part number as 40 radiators


Radiator shroud, $20, your choice

Fan assembly in excellent condition, $75

AM2852T upper radiator support, $15

M857T (upper), $10
M856T (lower in photo), $10

Lower radiator bracket, $5

Bracket for attaching sheet metal, left and right available, $4 each

40, 420, 430 air cap, no dents, $25


Air cleaner body #1, stack has some dents, one small dent in the body, $50

Air cleaner #2, A few dents in the body, $45

Air cleaner #3, A few dents in the body, $45

Air cleaner #4, no dents in body, but pipe has dents, $40


Carb to air cleaner hose, $5 your choice


Oil cup with no dents and no pinholes, $40, your choice.

Air cleaner clamp with bolt and nut, $15

Air cleaner clamp without bolt and nut, $7.50


AM1831T right footrest, 40T, $35

AM3270 Left footrest, 40T, $35

40T drawbar support frame, $60

40T drawbar support frame, $20

Drawbar pin, $10

Sending unit for hour meter, $18