John and Kathy Boehm
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Hydraulic Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors


Implement mounting bracket, $35

Implement mouinting supports, AM1182T (modified), $20



Hydraulic pump with M1770T cover and M1769T base, needs cleanup and oil seal, slight scoring inside pump, as-is, $25

Coupling for hydraulic pump, $20

M1947T, $30

M2265T, $25

M1153T, $25

AM1448T oil line, $35

AM1122T: $30

AM1087T, $8

M1370T, $8

M1350T Union, $8

M1040T rubbing bushing, $5

Clamp set for hydraulic lines, $10

M2349T clamp, $5 each, 3 available

AM1920T, valve control, 2 available, $9 each

M2105T spring, M1898T clip, and M2103T spring anchor


Rockshaft and internal parts from a 40T, $60


Two views of a complete valve control for a 40T, everything moves freely, $80, pick up here or I can give you truck freight quote.

40T drawbar support frame, $60

Drawbar pin, $10

Pin, $6

M1944T 40T Rear cover, with mount for top link and M1774T control arm, $45


Rockshaft arms for 40T, $25 each or all three for $60

M3050T Bracket coupling brace. $9

M2212T spring, $30, yourchoice

M2210T rear cover for S, $15

Sway chain with anchors for S and T, two assemblies available, $25 each

AM2046T Pin, 5/8" diameter x 2 1/4", $14

Three point rockshaft lift arms from 40U, left side, M2415T, $30

M2618T cover for valve control, $10

M2033 spring anchor bracket, $10

M1397T and M1398T implement mounting brackets, $50/pair