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Engine and control Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors


AM240T Used head gasket, similar to above, $10

AM240T Head gasket, used but like new, $15

M285T head bolt with washer, $2 each


M1766T crankshaft pulley #1 or #2 with no breaks or repairs, $40, your choice


M1766T #3 crankshaft pulley with no breaks or repairs, $40

M1766T crankshaft pulley with no breaks or repairs, later style without the built in crank jaws, $25


Starter ring gear for M or 40, $45

Flywheel for 40, Can ship UPS, 90 lb., $25

Bolts, flywheel to crankshaft, with lock strip, $5/ set

M3414T (sub for M27T) Cam followers , $8 each or four for $25

Camshaft, $55. Thrust plate, $7.50

M49T Camshaft gear, $35

Valve cover studs (one has the special cut on the threaded area, very nice condition, $12/pair

AM753T External oil tube, $8; Straight fitting, $5, 90 degree fitting, $5


Pushrod, 11 inch long, $16, one only

Rocker arm assembly, $80

AM274T End caps, $8 each

M76T Spring inside rocker arm shaft, $45

M72T rocker arm shaft, $8

M81T Spring, $5

AM272T or AM273T Rocker arm with adjusting screw, $10 each

AM271T Rocker arm bracket, $10 each

M285T Head bolt, $2 each; set of 7, $10

Carburetor to governor rod, $15

Throttle rod, $10


M1709T governor housing with levers and spring, very good condition, $45


M273T gear with M1683T weights, minimal play in weight pins and good gear, $75, two available, your choice

Internal governor assembly, very good condition, with M273T gear and M1683TT weights, $45

AL2691T Thrust bearing, $10

L4177T Thrust washer, $10

M273T gear with one M275T weight, as-is, there is some play in the weight pin, but the gear is very good, $15

L4197T Spring used on both governor housing and throttle linkage, $11

AM284T oil pressure gauge, nice and original, $40

Oil pump screen, great condition, $20

L4121T set screw with M463T cap, $13


OIl pump with M38T pump body, pumps well, $60, your choice

Oil filter, has top plate, but no bottom plate, $25, similar to above

Oil filter base, $10

Flywheel guard, $20

Oil pan, $10


AM669T Dented breather caps, usable, similar to above, $8 each

Valve cover, $15

Rear engine seal housing, $10

AM902T Front engine cover, $20

Front engine crankshaft seal cover plate, $9

M1758T throttle lever $20 (spring and special washers sold separately-see below)

M1858T Spring, $7

M1859T Thrust washer, $7

M1857T Lipped Washer, $10

M1067T with rods, $20

M1803T Mounting bracket for fan, $12.50

M2946T Lower water pipe, $15

M1520T upper water pipe, $15