John and Kathy Boehm
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Old Implements (Some Working, Some Yard Art and Decoration):


John Deere Model 44H Plow with hydraulic lift. This is a working plow with John Deree cylinder that I have used with the Model AW that is also for sale. The bottoms are in very good condition and have been built up and hard faced (currently protected from rust by the orange paint, which will come off the first time it is used. If youhave a late model A or B or a Model 50 or 60, this is the plow that would have been sold with the tractor. It is set up as a 2 - 14 plow,, but the standards can be reversed to make a 2-16 plow. $595


New Pitman arms, $10 - only one 37 1/2 inch is available

End for pitman arms, $10


Old yard art disk, $40

This blade is not original, but was mounted using the hitch plates and drawbar from the L/LA plow, $40 (100 pounds)

Buzz saw with shaft and pulley, partial frame, $50


John Deere Implements

PC-348 Disk Harrows, Models J, JB, JA, and JBA, tan cover, excellent condition, $16 GE

PC-160 Disk Harrows, 100 Series, Good Photocopy, $4 GE

PC-160 Disk Harrows, 100 Series, tan cover, excellent condition, $16 GE