John and Kathy Boehm
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Old Implements (Some Working, Some Yard Art and Decoration):


Three point spike tooth harrow with smoothing bar, very heavy duty, nearly new, $275

John Deere Killefer Monel 2-02 tool bar with three shanks,steel wheels, hydraulic cylinder, use it or make some great yard art! $450



John Deere Model 66 Plow, 3 x 14 inch bottoms. $225


Various pitman arms. #1 and #2 $15 each, #3 $10, #4 $10

Pitman arms, $10 each

Grass board, $15

End for pitman arms, $10


Old yard art disk, $40

This blade is not original, but was mounted using the hitch plates and drawbar from the L/LA plow, $40 (100 pounds)

Buzz saw with shaft and pulley, partial frame, $50


John Deere Implements

PC-348 Disk Harrows, Models J, JB, JA, and JBA, tan cover, excellent condition, $16 GE

PC-160 Disk Harrows, 100 Series, Good Photocopy, $4 GE

PC-160 Disk Harrows, 100 Series, tan cover, excellent condition, $16 GE