John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for IHC tractors: Models A, B, C Engine Parts: Engine, Electrical, and Hydraulic parts





Original Zenith carburetor from a Super C, everything moves freely, should be disassembled and cleaned up, $60



Zenith carburetor from a Super C, everything moves freely, but should be disassembled and cleaned up, $75

- -

Three views of a carburetor that may be IH, Shafts move freely, but it should be disassembled and cleaned, as-is, $25

Zenith 10149 Carburetor, disassembled, what you see, is what I have, $25

Governor to carburetor rod, $15

3" Standard pistons with piston pin and clips, very good condition, $25 each, set of four $90


340926DD connecting rod with bearings, very good condition, $25 each, set of four, $90

Pistons from a C, $20 each

Sleeves from a C to match the above pistons, $25 each

Set of four 3 1/8" aluminum pistons with good bushings and piston pins, $40 for the set


360297R1 Crankshaft wsith good used bearings, crankshaft gear, and pulley with one small chip, geasr and bearing surfaces are good, $100

Flywheel from a C with good ring gear, can ship inexpensively, $50

Flywheel from a Super C, good ring gear, $50

9315DA Camshaft, $25

Camshaft and cam gear, good lobes, good teeth, $100

Cam followers, $5 each or eight for $30

Pushrod, $8 each, set of eight $50


Complete rocker arm assembly, $80, your choice

Set of studs for rockers and valve cover, $10

Four views of a head from a C, all valves move freely and there are no noted cracks or repairs, but you will want toregrind the valves and the seats, $200

Head gasket, free with any order

Set of head nuts, $9


Two views of a 251175 R21 gasoline manifold from a C, very good condition,$75

Set of manifold nuts, $9

Muffler with rain cap, good condition, $20

Rain cap, $6

Breather cap, no dents, $15

Painted valve cover, $15

Valve cover, $10, your choice

Valve cover gasket, $5





251069-R1 Block from a Super C, standard bore, honed, no breaks or repairs by visual inspection, $200, 157 lbs, too heavy for UPS, but can pick up here or I can ship truck freight

6100D front block spacer, $10

Rear block spacer and seal set, $30

Cast flywheel guard, $15

Front Engine cover, $10

Oil pan with oil level test cocks, good condition, $20

IH oil pressure gauge, $15

Oil pump from a Super C, tested and pumps good, $95

Oil pump screen, $20

Oi filter stud, $15

Oil filter housing, $15

Complete fan assembly with pulley and mounting, $40


Complete fan assembly with pulley and mounting with upper water pipe, $50

C water pipe with drain pipe and cap, $15

Lower water pipe, $10

Drain poipe cap, $5


Two views of a governor assembly from a Super C, excellent teeth, weights, and bearing surfaces, $50


Governor housing with all linkages, and arm, all work and are in good condition, $40

Housing for governor and distributor from a Super C, $25

Distirbutor drive, excellent cond., $25

Arm, $10

Long throttle rod, $20

Rod between governor and carb, $15

Choke rod, $20

Light bars with throttle and hydraulic controls and steering shaft tube C or Super C, $50

Electrical parts:


Switch box, with as-is switches, $30


Distributor, very good condtion, newer points and cap, $40

Good coil, $10

A or B switch box, $10

Bolt and clip to hold magneto in place, $8

Angles on torque tube under the battery, $10 for the set of four

One wire alternator, belt, and mounting brackets, $60

Working and tested Delco starter from a C, $90

Delco 1107999 starter,. works great, used on C113 and C123 engines in balers, combines, etc. may work in Farmall A, B, or C, $60

Starter rod from a Super C, $15

Wiring conduit at side of engine, $10

Hydraulic parts:


Hydraulic pump from a Super C, excellent condition, $100

Hydraulic lines from a C, very good condition, $60

Hydraulic lines from a Super C, very good condition, $60



Complete hydraulic unit and rockshaft from a C, $100, can ship UPS

Hydraulic control rod, right side, $10

Hydraulic control rod, left side, $10