John and Kathy Boehm
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Clutch, Transmission, Final Drive Parts for IHC tractors



Clutch disk, very good lining, $25

Pressure plate in very good condition, $25

Clutch pedal, $10

Clutch rod, $10

Clutch throwout bearing with carrier, $20

Clutch part, $5

351686R1 Torgue tube, good condition, no breaks or repairs, $60, can ship UPS, 82 lb

Inspection hole cover on torque tube, $15

Cub pto shaft and housing with shifter part, $45

PTO shifter assembly, no plate, $20

Rear transmission cover used on tractors with pto, $25


351530 R8 transmission case, no breaks, no repairs, no modifications, $90


351530 R1 transmission case, no breaks, no repairs, no modifications, $90


Transmission cover with shift lever, very good condition, $80

Oil seal housing for transmission shaft, $7

Input shaft, excellent condition, straight with good splines at both ends, includes bearing, $120

13 T transmission gear, $20

Second and Third sliding shaft gear, $30

Reverse idler gear 22 teeth, $25


Reverse gear 35 teeth, $25
First gear, 39 teeth, $25
Second gear 35 teeth, $25
Third gear, 26 teeth, $25

Countershaft and bevel pinion, $40

Differential assembly, $35

Differential bearing holder, $10 each

Second and third shifter fork, $25

Shifter fork shafts, $4 each

Brake linings with rod and yoke, $10 each, all need linings replaced

Brake linings with rod and yoke,with usable linings, $20

Later style brake rod, $10 each, 2 available

Later style brake assemblies, $15 each, both for $25

Brake rod under platform, $15

Brake drum, $15

Right hand axle housing extension, 350798R1, $65, no breaks or repairs, similar to above (24 lb.)

Right hand differential shaft, $75

Bearings, quills, and covers, $5 each

Final drive bearing, $5

Rear axle drive gear, $20 each, your choice, 2 of each type available

Rear axles, $25 each, both sides available

Rear axle housing pan, $10 each