John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model BWH Tractor
Serial # 105999
Model Year 1941

This tractor is a true BWH,only 280 styled BWH's were made from 1939 to 1947. The Two Cylinder Archives Research Record shows a warehouse date of January 29, 1941 and a ship date of May 14, 1941 to Hayward, California. I will include the research document from Two Cylinder with the tractor. It was shipped with 40 inch spoked wheels, which apparently were replaced at a later time by the 38 inch wheels currently on the tractor. It has the correct (B1178R) wider rear axle housing, longer uncut axles, and special drawbar support for a BWH. The front end and pedestal are also correct and it has one long (B1211R) extension and two short (B120R) extensions. The long extension has been repaired as shown in the photo. One of the short extensions has been modified with the addition of a flange plate, while the other is not modified or repaired. The engine is stuck and no attempt has been made to free it up. Parts inside the clutch pulley show a lot of rust and will need attention. A cursory look at the transmission looks like there should be no siginificant problems. It has a carburetor and a magneto and the sheet metal is very nice.

$2900 and I can load it onto your or your hauler's truck or trailer.


Just in- A parts tractor with two good 40 wheels, ties not much but do hold air, Add these to the BWH for an additional $1600.

Located in Woodland, CA
Trucking arrangements can be made