John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model AWH
 Serial # 581489
1947 Model Year



Here is a video of the running tractor.

This tractor is a Styled 1947 Model AWH. I just rebuilt the carburetor and magneto, changed the engine oil and filter, checked the starter, and checked transmission and powerlift oil and levels. The tractor starts, runs, and drives well in all gears. The powerlift and the power take off both work as they should. The rear wheels have been modified with the addition of 42 inch rims to the original wheels.

Some items will still need your attention- the brakes are not currently working and the filler neck on the radiator needs replacement.It does not have a generator or the top battery cover.

This is a very low production high clearance tractor and it belongs in your personal collection. According to Two Cylinder Club, 61 AWH were produced in 1947 and a total of 327 styled AWH were produced from 1939 through 1947. It is located in Woodland, California. I can help you with loading it onto your trailer.


Located in Woodland, CA