John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model AO Streamline (AOS)
Serial Number 1251
1937 Model Year

Click here to view the You Tube video of the running tractor


This is one of only 820 AOS tractors that were built. This tractor runs and drives well. Most of the sheet metal (except the side wings and the screens in the nosepiece) is there, but sheet metal will obviously need some work. Except for the mentioned sheet metal pices, all the major components that are special to the AOS are on or included. While it runs and sounds good, you will probably want to rebuild the engine. The tires also should be replaced. The drawbar and support is off the tractor, but is included. Has correct wheels, including the factory round spoke wheels used on the earlier models and these wheels were used in California's warm climate without the use of calcium chloride . This is your chance to own a rare and unusual model and to control its ultimate restoration.

Click here to view the You Tube video of the running tractor


Located in Woodland, CA.
Transport arrangement possible