John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model G Clutch, Transmission, Rear Axle, and Brakeand Related Parts


Clutch pressure plate, $25
Clutch disk, good lining not available

Clutch fork, $15

Pedal latches, $5 each


Shifter bracket, #800370, $10

Clutch shaft with pinion, 16T, #800365, $25

800366 Oil slinger, $10

800376 Intermediate gear shaft, $5

Transmission case $25 (78 lb. can ship UPS)

Retainer and snap ring for shift lever, $8

Stud, Rear axle to case, $2.50 each

Shifting fork and other parts for special low gear, $10

Transmission parts:
Two more transmissions in stock-most parts available
Not currently available- the 30 and 35 tooth sliding gears on the pinion shaft, the pinion shaft, or the differential
Contact me with your want list!

800340 front bearing cap, $5

206533 3rd gear on main shaft, 27T, $25

Part # 206551, reverse idler gear, $25
Part # 206548, Shaft reverse idler gear and 2 each part # 206550, Bearing, rev. idler gear, $25


Shifting fork assembly, $40

Differential Carrier Housing, $20 each, specity left or right

Brake rod lever, LH $7 each. Sorry no RH levers available
Brake rod lever pivot pin, $4 (one only available)

Brake Cam lever, LH and RH, $7 each

Brake shoe cams, LH and RH, $7 each

800393 Brake support, $5 each


Brake pedals, $10 each or $18 for both

800006, LH lever, $8
800000, Pedal shaft, $8