John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model B and C Parts

This page contains wheel, steering,axle and related parts

These parts are from both Allis Chalmers B and C tractors. Many are interchangeable, but some are specific to on or the other. If you are unsure, ask and I will verify if it will fit your tractor.


Small hole Wheel clamp with bolt, $9 each, 3 available

Hub cap, $10


Five hole wheel with good 15 inch tire, rim is corroded at valve stem hole, $10


Front mounting bracket, Painted, $25

Front mounting bracket, $20

Wishbone style front end for B, can ship UPS, $200

Clamp for steering tube,$5


AC B steering arm, $25

AC B front axle, Painted, $45 (50 lb., 40-26-12)

AC B front axle, no breaks or repairs, added piece welded on center front, $25 (50 lb., 40-26-12)

Steering arm, AC B, $15

Steering arm at steering box for C, $10

Steering post, $10

Steering column clamp and saddle, $15 per set


Armstrong 9.5-24 with tube, $75