John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model B and C Parts

This page contains sheet metal and other external parts.

About 25 pounds of bolts, nuts, washers, and miscellaneous parts for AC B and C, $20 plus $15 shipping in a flat rate box

Complete air cleaner assembly, no rust or leaks, but will need some straightening, $50

Air cleaner cap, $15

Complete air cleaner from a CA, $40


Original gas cap, $12

Radiator or fuel cap, $8

Sediment bowl from above tank, $16

Sediment bowl , $10

Painted Fuel tank support, $20

Fuel tank strap, $10, Fuel tank support, $10

- -

Grille from a CA, $70

Hood from early B, $135

Hood from a CA, $135

Nice hood #1 from a C, no cuts or rust through, $60

Two views of a decent tool box that will need some work, $60

Nice tool box from a CA, $70

Left and Right fenders from a CA, $60 each, your choice

AC CA fender brackets, $20 each, left or right side or $30/pair

AC C with foot brakes fender brackets, $20 each, left or right side or $30/pair

Bolt and clamp for attaching crosstube, $2 each

Cross tube for attaching to front of fender brackets for a B, $12

C seat frame, $40

Seat back, needs work, $15

Seat from CA, has some center plate repair, $20

Seat spring from a CA, $25

Seat bracket from a CA, $35

CA platform, $45

CA platform brackets, LH and RH $10 each

Bracket $5

CA drawbar bracket, two for $5

AC C drawbar, $45

Drawbar lock, $16 each, Two available

Radiator support with crank guide, $12



Very good radiator, no leaks, $90