John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model B and C Parts

This page contains engine parts

These parts are from both Allis Chalmers B and C tractors. Many are interchangeable, but some are specific to on or the other. If you are unsure, ask and I will verify if it will fit your tractor.


Sediment bowl from above tank, $16

Sediment bowl , $10

3 3/8 " concave top piston, $15 each, two available

Connecting rod, casting # 207459, with end cap, $25 each

Piston pin. $4

3 1/4" sleeves, good condition, $40 , two available

AM2818-1 Manifold, no breaks or repairs, $135

Manifold #2, no breaks or repairs, $135

AM2917T casting number; Head that needs valves and grinding, $25 (50 lb shipping weight)

AM2917T casting number; Good head that needs valves reground, $60 (50 lb shipping weight)

Head bolts, $1 each

Valve cover studs, includes the one that is grooved for oil flow, $16

Rocker arm assembly, complete, but shaft and one mounting post is broken, $75

Camshaft with gear, $35

Valve lifters, $5each

Spring and spacer on end of camshaft, $20

Pipe for oil pick up tube, $3

Oil filter base, $15

Valve cover, four bolt holes, $20


Painted valve cover, two bolt holes, $20

Hand crank, $45

Flywheel without a ring gear, $25 (can ship flat rate box)

Housing for rear engine seal, $10

New governor weight and pin, $25

Earlier style governor link to carburetor, $18

Governor link to carburetor, $12


Front engine cover, $13, your choice

Pressed steel Oil pan, with plug, $12

Oil dipstick, $6

Oil line, $5

Oil line, $5

Throttle lever with ratchet plate, $16

Throttle lever, $12

Throttle rod, $15

Bracket mounts on block, $5

Fan hub and pulley, adjustable, $16

Used fan belt in good condition, $4

Sealing plate for water pump, new, $12.50

Water pump (used) with fan hub, shaft turns freely, $20


Powder coated fan, $12.50

Fan similar to the one shown above, $10

Original hand crank, excellent condtion, $50

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $12

211321 Cable guard, $10

Instruction for Fairbanks Morse type J magneto, Free via email

Voltage regulator, $5

The following parts are for B and C equipped with distributor:

New point set, $8

New dust cap, $8

DR426 dust cap, $8