John and Kathy Boehm
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Oliver 60 Industrial

Here is are some photos of my current project an Oliver 60 Industrial (800 made). Photos taken 9/2/00:

Well, here it is Oct 20, 2000-I've made a little more progress. The first painting is done and I'm starting the final assembly.

Below, it is 21 November 2000. Floyd Percival (left) and Stan Gladney (right) are helping me break in the new engine, which was too stiff to turn over with the starter. We belted it to Floyd's JD GP and turned the engine over for about 30 minutes before putting in gas and hooking up the ignition. We played around with it for another hour or so to try to get it running, but no luck, before giving up for the afternoon, figuring we had a timing problem. After dinner, I studied the shop manual and discovered I had the spark plug timing order at the distributor going around the cap counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. I was so excited, I went out to the shop to change it, hooked up the battery (by now it was loosened up enough to turn over with the starter) and fired it up. It needs some fine tuning, but it sounds good. Now to get some more paint and finish it up!

Below-17 Jan 2001: Well, maybe I was a little hasty! We did get the engine loosened up, but can't seem to get it running with battery start. After trying everything we could think of, I decided to tear the engine down to make sure everything was correctly installed and timed. It looks like it is, so back together and let's see what happens!

Below- 23 December 2001 - Well, I did get the engine together not too long after the above photo was taken and did get the engine installed and running, but that's about it until late November when I had more time to work on it again. I got new rear tires, finished the wiring, plumbing, and other odds and ends, retested the engine, then repainted everything, fitted the sheet metal, and a final paint job, which is shown below. One last step, is to put the decals on, I'll let the paint harden a while longer first.