John and Kathy Boehm
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Wheel, front end, steering Parts for John Deere Model 1010

R34324R Power steering emblem, free with any order

AT16549T Steering shaft support, $25

AT13095T Universal steering joint, excellent condition, $60

T14598T Coupling on steering shaft, $15

T15332T steering shaft with insulation, $25

T15331T Steering valve support, $15

AT13128T Power Steering valve with casting #T15325T on end piece), includes T19612T and T19613T couplings, $90

AT13587T Oil line to power steering valve, $30

AT13588T Oil line to power steering valve, $30


AT17011T Power steering gear assembly, complete, includes T15324T mounting tube, $225


T15322T Power steer gear support, $35

AT13591T (Casting # T15320T ) Rack and pinion housing, include good needle bearing, $75

M4242T cover, $10


M4241T Cylinder housing, nice smoorth bore, $40

M4233T piston rod, M4235T cylinder head, M4239T piston, and associated parts, good condition, $50


T15321T Pinion and steering shaft with bearing and coupling, good condition, slight pitting on a few teeth, $100

M4232T Rack, very good condition, with pin, $100

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