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Transmission, brake, final drive Parts John Deere Model 1010

More parts coming soon! In the meantime, please ask about specific parts you need!

T14515R Torque tube, $90

TT15859T Transmission case, $90

T14517T Clutch pedal, $20

T15946T Cover. $15

T14514T Carrier with AT17464T Throw out bearing, $40

T15440T Yoke, $25

T14518T Clutch pedal shaft, $14

T14523T Clutch pedal lever with two T14521T links, $20

AM320T Cam, $15

T14519T spring, $20

M226T spring, $7

T14526T Drive shaft, $40, all splines and bearing surfaces in good condition, includes spring at one end of shaft


T14936T Drive tube with T14420T Hydraulic pump drive gear (22T)and T15724T Powershaft clutch drive gear (19T), shows some wear on the splines, $20

AT14630T Outer transmission driveshaft tube. $35

T16661T Shift lever, $20

T14557T Mounting bracket and T14558T Cap, $30


T145651T Transmission cover with all forks and rail in very good condition, $60

T15996T Quill wqith good bearing $20


Special thrust washer, used under T14564T cover, $10

Input shaft, $75
Gears on input shaft:
T12001T 27T and 37T gear, $100
M4197T 27T gear, $45
M4271T 19T gear, $40
M4270T 16T gear, Not available (sold)

T10776T gear on power shaft, 190T, 26T, 43T, includes roller bearings, $200

T17608T Gear, Third and fourth speed driven, 32T and 35T, $120

M4202T gear, 24T on pinion shaft, $40

M4209T Gear, second and reverse sliding, 31T and 38T, $120

M1711T quill, $10 each, several available


T15927T Rear transmission cover with JD7692 and JD8568 bearings, $75

T14932T Gear housing with needle bearings, $80

T13511T Powershaft idler gear (21T), $50

T14934T Special thrust washer, $12

AT13303T Drive shaft, $45

T18195T coupling, $10

T13512T Powershafat driven gear, 28T, $50

T14567T Powershaft clutch housing cover, $20

T14568T Powershaft clutch housing, $50

T14569T Pto clutch yoke and shaft, $30

T14909T Lever and shaft, $20

T14527T Cover, $15

T14530T lever, $25

AT17244T Powershaft shift lever with T15977T support and associated parts

AT14186T control rod, $20



M3229T brake pedal, bent, $5

M3230T brake pedal, $20

M2228T Brake return springs, may not be original, both for $7

M3233T Brake shaft and M1735T lever, $20

M1781T brake housing, $15 each

AM1859T Brake lock handle, $25

AM1859T handle, M2035T retainer, and cam, $40

AM1828T Brake disk with facings, $10 each


AM3098T Brake assembly, $75

M949T Special nut for brake adjustment, $10

M830T 7/8 inch diameter steel ball, $3

M1756T lever and yoke3, with associated parts, $20

M3129T quill, $30


Bull gear assembly AM4008T (M3125T and M4439T, 64 teeth), $60-

M3807T rear axle, $80 each; two available

M3132T and M3133T rear cover for final drive housings, $25 each (both LH sand RH available)