John and Kathy Boehm
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Transmission, brake, final drive Parts John Deere Model 1010

More parts coming soon! In the meantime, please ask about specific parts you need!

AT14612T Clutch driven disk, $30

AT11661T Clutch preswsure plate, $45

T14526T Drive shaft, $50, all splines and bearing surfaces in good condition, includesw spring at one end of shaft

T16661T Shift lever, $30

T17067T Shift Guide, $15

T14557T Mounting bracket and T14558T Cap, $30


T145651T Transmission cover with all forks and rail in very good condition, $60


AT10772T Final drive housing, both left and righ sides avilable. $90, each

M3132T and M3133T pan cover for final drive housings, $25 each