John and Kathy Boehm
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Sheet metal and Exterior Parts for John Deere Model 1010


T14492 Cowl, no breaks or repairs, $30


AT13039T Cowl Support, $45, not cuts or rust

T14478T Rear cowl support panel, $25, no cuts or rust



Two views of AT13262T Battery support for Diesel tractor, includes T14996T hood support, $40

AT14144T Seat mounting bracket, $35

AM2739T seat frame, $100 (from Model 440I)


AT15080T left side foot rest, $30

AM2980T right side foot rest, $30

AM14162T Drawbar support assembly, no cuts or repairs, $60

Panel $15, 1010 Utility Diesel

AT13570T Air cleaner body only from 1010D Utility, dented, $10 as-is

Band for oil cup, $10

AT10592R oil cup with correct bevel to fit 1010D, $35

T15364T Air cleaner Hose, 1010 Diesel, very good condition, $30