John and Kathy Boehm
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Sheet metal and Exterior Parts for John Deere Model 1010


Four views of AT14177T Hoood for Diesel wheel tractor, very nice condition, straight, no rust through, includes includes AT13041T cover and aAR28047R hood ornament, $200


Grille side panels, LH or RH sides, $25 each

AT13037T Grille, as -is, $10

AT13040T Grille support, no cuts, one weded repair, nice and straight, $25

AT13365 Instrument panel, $25

T14492 Cowl, no breaks or repairs, $35


AT13039T Cowl Support, $60, not cuts or rust

T14478T Rear cowl support panel, $40, no cuts or rust



Two views of AT13262T Battery support for Diesel tractor, includes T14996T hood support, $40

Homemade umbrella bracket, Attaches beside fender to top of rear axle housing, $10

AT17557T Good tank from a 1010D, includes sending unit (not tested) $100

AR26716R Fuel gauge, $20

AT14144T Seat mounting bracket, $35

AM2739T seat frame, $100 (from Model 440I)


AT15080T left side foot rest, $30

AM2980T right side foot rest, $30

AM14162T Drawbar support assembly, no cuts or repairs, $60

Panel $15, 1010 Utility Diesel

AT13570T Air cleaner from 1010D Utility, $75 complete and good condition

AT13570T Air cleaner body only from 1010D Utility, dented, $15 as-is

Band for oil cup, $10

AT10592R oil cup with correct bevel to fit 1010D, $35

T15364T Air cleaner Hose, 1010 Diesel, very good condition, $30